Spa Review: An at-home massage with Recharge Body

Since last year I’ve been struggling with a sore back… it’s definitely got better than when I first threw it out, but it’s still niggling, tight and aches fairly often. I’ve started running too (don’t fall over) which means that I’ve got a few extra stiff muscles to contend with which were never a problem before. It’s not a bad pain, rather a good reminder that I’m using muscles that haven’t been worked in years… but the constant dull ache does mean I jumped at the chance of a massage when it arrived in my inbox. Who wouldn’t?

Recharge is a brand new website – an online offering for ordering sessions with a yoga or pilates instructor along with various forms of massage from qualified professional therapists – all in the comfort of your own home (or hotel room!)

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I visited the site and scrolled through the options. Immediately I knew I wanted to have a massage – you can choose from various forms of Yoga (bikram, vinyasa or hatha) as well as Pilates. The Massage options on offer include sport, swedish, thai and deep tissue. Prices are for 1 hour but you can also opt to buy a 5 or 10 hour package.
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I then went back to the Practitioners page to decide which therapist I would like to use… obviously if you’re inviting them into your house you want to be reassured that they are legit and I found this page really helpful. I decided to go with Lusanda as I liked her write up…

I am a qualified massage therapist with over 10 years experience. I have a Diploma in Swedish Massage, Anatomy and Physiology. I am also trained in Deep Tissue, Thai and Sports Massage and I love what I do.

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Then I whizzed through the steps of the online ordering system and planned my indulgent morning of massage… in my own bedroom… where I could just roll off the massage bed and into my own bed for a few zzzz’s afterwards. Bliss!


The lovely Lusanda arrived at the scheduled time and set up the folding massage bed and her oils. I provided my personal towels and then she set to work with her magical massaging hands. WOW. The strength in these babies!!


I had the most wonderful tension relieving massage in my back, neck and shoulders and felt completely relaxed… obviously enhanced by the pleasure of being in my own quiet, private space. And it really was awesome to have a little nap afterwards! A total treat, but a great way to carve out some “me time” while the kids were at school (and the work could wait!) and put myself and my health first for a change!


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Images: Kathryn Rossiter (& screenshots of Recharge website)


Kathryn Rossiter

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  1. Suffering from not onlu s oliosis, but continual pain in my neck and hips I really struggle with pain – I normally go for needling which I find amang albeit rather expensive. I dont find that a normal beauty salon massage gi es me much relief, thanks again Kathryn, fabulous and informative information!

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