How to Help: Our visit to Beautiful Gate Children’s Home

Last week I shared a blog post all about my kids Cape Town Cycle Tour experience. In it I mentioned that they rode the race for Beautiful Gate – getting sponsors to donate towards their efforts so they can give back to those less fortunate. Then I realised that some of you may not be aware of this charity and that it might be worth sharing a bit more about it here….

Beautiful Gate South Africa is an interdenominational Christian organisation providing care and support to vulnerable children and families. We believe that the best place for each child is within a family, and that the best way to support families is to enable their community to provide support. We aim to restore the capacity of the community and of families to care for their children or, where this is not possible, to find alternative families.

Beautiful Gate also offers a variety of programmes to support the community such as Child and Youth Care Centres, After School Clubs and Homework Assistance, Parenting Training, Career Guidance and an HIV Clinic.

At the end of last year we were invited as a family to join in a celebration day at Beautiful Gate Children’s Home in Lower Crossroads. The day was to be a way of thanking the people who are involved in supporting this amazing NGO as well as connecting communities across Cape Town.

Fittingly it was held on Heritage Day – and it was a great way to celebrate diversity in our city. We enjoyed a lesson in the art of baking bread using a portable oven that is available for township entrepreneurs to purchase and start their own business. Went on an eye-opening township tour with our kids, exposing them to the reality of life for the majority of Cape Town’s inhabitants. The kids played a few friendly soccer matches, got their faces painted and jumped on the jumping castle and then all the volunteers, families and children shared a braai with traditional “pap en sous” followed by some lovely entertainment to celebrate our shared South African Heritage – traditional dancing, choir singing and even a string instrument recital by the kids!


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It was an unusual way to spend a public holiday but such a worthwhile one and we are so glad we went along as a family to take part in supporting this worthwhile cause. We will definitely be back again…

If you would like to find out more about Beautiful Gate or want to know how you can get involved (Eg. sponsor a child to go to one of their After School Clubs at a cost of R2000 a year) please get in touch with them via the details below…

Contact Beautiful Gate
Tel: +27 21 370 2500

Images: Kathryn Rossiter
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  1. Kathryn, thanks so much for sharing this story and the beautiful photos! We enjoyed having you there to celebrate Heritage Day with us and appreciate your family’s ongoing involvement. Theresa, Beautiful Gate

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