Battle of the… Sunscreens

On Monday I shared an article with a host of Essential Sunscreen tips on choosing the correct sunscreen for your family this summer. Today I’m sharing a round up of a variety of Sunscreens, Sun Tan Lotions and Creams that are currently available to purchase in South Africa! The products include a mix of supermarket brands and more expensive sunscreens only available at salons or pharmacies.

As a disclaimer please note that I did not test the effectiveness of the products in terms of the SPF sun protection they offer as I am assuming these products have undergone lab tests to verify their claims.

So here we go….

The Battle of the Sunscreens


2013-11-23 12.04.25 (800x533)

Juliette Armand Sun Film

Soothing with a delicate non-oily feeling and antioxidant action to prevent cell damage and strengthen the skins natural regeration. Ideal for sensitive and oily skin as well as children. Essential protection after peeling and deep exfoliation. Also available in SPF 15 or SPF 50. The Antitox by Juliette Armand ensures the antioxidant properties of their sunscreen products have high protection factors. Antitox is a powerful antioxidant cocktail dominated by the ingredient EUK-134 and works as a self – renewing antioxidant.

Colour & Texture: Peach coloured Light Cream that is quickly absorbed, moisturizing but non greasy
Size: 55ml
Special properties: UVA & UVB Protection, Antioxidant protection, After peeling protection, sports formula, paraben free, mineral oil free, propylene glycol free, allergen free, non greasy, suitable for use by children. Mildly scented.
Price: R 465
Best for: Sensitive or oily skins & children


2013-11-23 12.17.57 (800x533)

Dermaheal Hydrating Sunscreen by LaMelle Reserach Laboratories

Daily treatment with growth factors and peptide complexes this is a full spectrum sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection for use in the management and prevention of the external signs of ageing in the skin. A triple-pronged approach Dermaheal hydrating sunscreen protects the skin from UV damage and prevents the damaging effects of free radicals with powerful antioxidants and rebuilds the skin using Growth Factor technology. Blocks both ultraviolet A and B wavelengths as well as provides additional antioxidants to the skin ensuring maximum protection and prevention of the ageing changes in the skin. Titanium and Zinc free. No whitening effects of the skin that can effect usage compliance. There is no shine, gloss or stickiness with the hydrating sunscreen

Colour & Texture: White cream – non greasy and mositurizing
Size: 70ml
SPF: 30
Special properties: UV & UVB, Lightly scented, fairly easily absorbed
Price: R374
Purchase at: Dermatologists, Aesthetic Doctors & Skin Care facilities.
Best for: Those with more mature skins or those looking to prevent skin ageing


2013-11-23 11.57.51 (800x533)

SalonCare sunscreen

Effective long lasting protection against damaging ultra violet rays.

Colour & Texture: White Cream – rapidly absorbed, non-greasy and very moisturizing
Size: 75ml
SPF: 20
Special properties: Broad spectrum UVA & UVB sun protection. Suitable for ages 2+.
Price: R75
Purchase at:
Best for: Everyday use on face


2013-11-23 11.51.54 (800x533)

Piz Buin Active Long Lasting Spray

Specially developed to help you enjoy the most of being active outdoors. Long lasting spray is water resistant and will help to keep you protected from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. It is absorbed in seconds and feels light and smooth on the skin.

Colour & Texture: Wet Spray – easy to use this light spray is quickly absorbed in seconds.
Size: 150ml
SPF: 20
Special properties: UVA & UVB with helioplex, non-greasy, tested on athletes, not suitable for children under 3.
Price: R225
Purchase at: Dis-Chem, Clicks and good pharmacies countrywide, also
Best for: Active, athletic & outdoor people

Piz Buin Allergy pump spray

Specially developed with dermatologists to protect sunsensitive skin. This allergy spray combines advanced UVA & UVB sun filters and Calmanelle – a unique shield complex proven to help strengthen skins resistence. Formulated with a powerful antioxidant Calmanelle reinforces cell defence against uv rays and helps skin cell tolerance to the sun. The spray provides hours of moisurisation to soothe the skin and help to prevent peeling, dermatalogically tested, water resistant.

Colour & Texture: White liquid in pump bottle – easily absorbed, slightly greasy
Size: 200ml
SPF: 50+
Special properties: UVA & UVB, In Vitro tested so suitable for pregnant women.
Price: R250
Purchase at: Dis-Chem, Clicks and good pharmacies countrywide, also
Best for: Families – pregnant moms and children, those requiring high protection

Piz Buin Wet Skin Transparent Sun Spray

Colour & Texture: Clear spray that can be applied to wet skin but oily and slightly greasy
Size: 150ml
SPF: 30
Special properties: Extra water resistant, can be applied on wet & dry skin, no white marks, non-greasy
Price: R245
Purchase at: Dis-Chem, Clicks and good pharmacies countrywide, also
Best for: Water sport enthusiasts and swimmers


2013-11-23 12.20.58 (533x800)

Dermasure SunActiv Sunblock Spray

Dermasure is a unique, innovative range of affordable and high quality South African skin care products. This spray is an effective, proven water resistant, non-oily and invisble sunblock spray that provides a verified factor with a triple block against UVA and UVB rays. Ideal for both beach and daily use.

Colour & Texture: Wet spray – a strong alcohol smell initially that evaporates quickly, leaves your hands feeling “squeaky” after applying
Size: 150ml
SPF: 25
Special properties: Ultra invisible, oil-free, high protection sun block, dermatalogically approved, not tested on animals
Price: R95
Purchase at: All retail pharmacies incl Dis-Chem and Alpha Pharm Western Cape also via (minimum quantities apply).
Best for: Active people & sportsmen with sensitive skins

Dermasure SunActiv Sunscreen Cream

SunActive Sunscreen Cream is a three-in-one multipurpose sunscreen cream which provides broad spectrum protection by reducing the risk of skin aging. It contains a moisturising base plus antioxidants, for protection of the skin against daily sun damage.

Colour & Texture: White cream – easily absorbed, non-greasy cream with moisturising properties
Size: 75ml
SPF: 20+
Special properties: Antioxidants to protect against photo aging, not tested on animals.
Price: R95
Purchase at: All retail pharmacies incl Dis-Chem and Alpha Pharm Western Cape also via (minimum quantities apply).
Best for: A great everyday sun screen for the whole family.


2013-11-23 12.21.38 (533x800)

Coverderm Filter Ray Body Plus Deep Tan 2-in-1 Sunscreen & After Sun Care Cream (in pump bottle)

An innovative emulsion that combines sunscreen and after sun care in one. A great choice for everyday use to secure protection from the harmul UVA & UVB sunrays. Enriched with a combination of special active ingredients renders skin additional moisurizing, soothing and revitalising benefits.

Colour & Texture: Light yellow cream – slightly greasy sheen due to waterproof properties
Size: 100ml
SPF: 50+
Special properties: Hypoallergenic and Waterproof – stays on even when swimming or sweating.
Price: R299
Purchase at: Dis-Chem,  COVERDERM’s signature store in Waterkloof Corner, Pretoria or online via 
Best for: People with busy, active, outdoor lifestyles


2013-11-23 12.07.41 (800x533)

EcoCosmetics Facial Sun Gel

EcoCosmetics is a mineral plant-based sunscreen that contains pomegranate and sea buckthorn this organic sunscreen is suitable for sensitive skin. 100% of the total ingredients are from a natural origin, 96% are organic.

Colour & Texture: Yellow transparent gel – takes some time to be absorbed but non-greasy with light natural fragrance.
Size: 100ml
SPF: 30 (Also available as SPF 25)
Special properties: UVA, Eco-friendly, For sensitive skin, Water resistant, EcoCert certified, Not testedon animals, Vegan, CO2 neutral. Without synthetic dyes, perfumes or preservatives. Zinc Oxide free. No nano technology, no petroleum, parrafin & silicone derivatives, no PEG and paraben.
Price: R329
Purchase at:
Best for:
 People looking for an organic, eco-friendly or vegan sunscreen


2013-11-23 12.08.52 (800x533)

Environ RAD Suncare

Anti-oxidant sunscreen for face and body. The sun filters and sun reflectants contained in this product provide a SPF 15 while natural antioxidant vitamins increase sun protection and assist in fighting free-radicals. Suitable for all skin types including babies from 12 months. Can be applied under make up

Colour & Texture: Light yellow cream that is easily absorbed, non-greasy and fragrance free.
Size: 5ml (I tested the sample size)
SPF: 15
Special properties: Contains organic sun filters, antioxidants, beta-carotene and vitamins C and E plus Titanium Dioxide.
Purchase at: Environ salons and stockists
Best for: Everyday facial use & under makeup


2013-11-23 11.57.11 (800x533)

Everysun Everyday Family Sunscreen

Specially formulated with VitaLock, an iffusion of super fruits, anti-oxidants, vitamins and advanced UVA & UVB filters with photo stability. This advanced complex protects against sun induced skin damage, prevents premature aging and promotes skin elasticity and firmness. Suitable for the whole family and provides protection in and out of the water. Dermatalogically tested

Colour & Texture: White cream – light & slightly greasy, no fragrance
Size: 125ml
SPF: 40
Special properties: Water resistant, UVAge and UVBurn protection.
Price: R79.99
Purchase at: Select retail stores, pharmacies & baby outlets nationwide or visit 
Best for: Affordable – suitable for beach outings for the whole family


2013-11-23 12.00.19 (800x533)

BioNike Defence Sun 30 Suncream

Dry-feel formulation, specific for impure, acne-prone skin and for first sun exposures. Very light and rapidly absorbed texture provides broad spectrum protection (UVA & UVB), while the special Raksaa complex included helps to prevent free radical damage, conteracting skin ageing.

Colour & Texture: White cream – easily absorbed, non-greasy and fragrance free. This cream dries to a matt finish.
Size: 50ml
SPF: 30
Special properties: UVA & UVB, Water resistant, Enriched with active ingredients, sebum-regulating properties, tested to be non-comedogenic and suitable for acne-prone skin. Nickle tested, preservative, fragrance and gluten free. In Vitro tested so suitable for pregnant women.
Price: R99.95
Purchase at: Dis-Chem pharmacies nationwide
Best for: A great option for those who struggle with problem, oily, sensitive or allergy-prone skin. Eco-friendly too!


2013-11-23 12.15.20 (800x533)

Heliocare Advanced Gel

Photoimmunoprotection Technology is used to protect skin from UVA & UVB damage during intense or prolonged exposure to the sun. Fernblock a natural compound with photo protective antioxidant properties. It’s innovative light gel formulation is suitable for normal and oily skin.

Colour & Texture: Light brown gel – cooling and refreshing, light, non-greasy texture
Size: 50ml
SPF: 50
Special properties: Non-comedogenic, dermatalogically tested, paraben free.
Price: R263
Purchase at: Leading aesthetic clinics and salons;
Best for: Those with oily skin


2013-11-23 11.50.21 (533x800)

Nivea light feeling sun lotion

UVA & UVB protection system is compliant with new EU guidelines. This formula has a light texture that provides immediate and effective protection. Instantly absorbed, non-greasy and feels light to the touch. Enhanced UVA & UVB filters help to protect against sunburn and premature ageing.

Colour & Texture: White liquid cream with light texture that is absorbed quickly. Non-sticky and slightly scented.
Size: 200ml
SPF: 30
Special properties: UVA & UVB, EU compliant, immediate protection, non-sticky, quickly absorbed.
Price: R93.99
Purchase at: Select retail stores, pharmacies & baby outlets nationwide
Best for: Those on a budget – you get more for your money so this would work well for larger families needing quick protection.


2013-11-23 12.05.46 (800x533)

Badger Broad Spectrum

UVA & UVB provides daily protection for face & body and helps to prevent sunburn. Safe, effective and family friendly. After years of research, this lotion-based mineral sunscreen meets high standards set for safety and efficacy and follows in the healthy tradition of using only the safest, purest ingredients. It is a light, moisturizing, USDA Certified Organic Aloe Vera lotion base that is perfect for daily use on face and body. Like all of Badger’s sunscreens it offers broad spectrum protection using only non-nano Zinc Oxide. This is a good option for those who found our original sunscreen creams too heavy for everyday use.

Colour & Texture: White cream – Easily absorbed with a natural fragrance
Size: 87ml
SPF: 16
Special properties: UVA & UVB, non nano, non-comedogenic, certified natural, contains organic ingredients, not tested on animals. Also available as a SPF 34 which is biodegradable and water resistant for 40 mins (This one is not easily absorbed and has a very strong natural fragrance!).
Price: R225
Purchase at:, Wellness Warehouse & Selected Dis-Chem Pharmacies and Health Shops
Best for: Family friendly and a great natural & organic option


2013-11-23 12.22.12 (800x533)

Nimue Skin technology Sunscreen

A light weight high performance non-oily cream based on an environmnetally and skin friendly preservative system and a plant based emulsion which is suitable for all skin classifications. Total photo protective system which reduces signs of photo ageing and products cellular DNA from irreversible damage. Superior broad spectrum UVA I, UVA II & UVB. High protection. Antioxidant Complex protects against harmful effects of free radicals and reduces visible signs of
photo ageing. Humectant provides moisturisation and wrinkle smoothing effect. Non-whitening formula, suitable for all skin types.

Colour & Texture: White cream – quickly absorbed
Size: 60 or 20ml
SPF: 40
Special properties: UVA & UVB
Price: R310
Purchase at: Select salons and Nimue stockists
Best for: Daily use on the face esp those with environmentally damaged, hyperpigmented or problematic skin.


2013-11-23 12.09.34 (800x533)

RegimA Sun Pro Sun Protection

Manufactured in South Africa this sun protection cream helps to safe guard the skin from the sun’s damaging UVA & UVB rays with sun protectors as well as powerful anti-free radical vitamins A, C and E. Polyphenols work to prevent the skin from absorbing UV light, further helping to limit sun damage. MUST NOT be combined with any other product range.

Colour & Texture: White cream that is easily absorbed and fragrance free
Size: 100ml (I tested & photographed the sample size)
SPF: 40
Special properties: UVA & UVB, Water resistant, no animal or human ingredients. Water resistant, Repairing, Regenerating. May be used on the face and body, especially during all sports, including swimming. Safe for all skin types and all ages including children and during pregnancy. Contains laminaria algae to help repair sunburn and sun damage and other active ingredients that are critical to repairing and protecting the skin.
Price: R339
Purchase at: Select salons and RegimA stockists
Best for: Daily use on the face for mature skins and those looking to protect against free radicals



UltraSun Professional Protection

Ultrasun is a Swiss made sunscreen (the suns reflection off snow is far higher than off water!) This is the range of sun protection products for those who are serious about the great outdoors. All of the brand’s products are oil, emulsifier and perfume free, making them perfect for the whole family (including those with the most sensitive skin types). The product delivers a long lasting, high level of protection from both UVA and UVB rays. All products comply with the highest standards of European guidelines for UV protection. Ultrasun pioneered the ‘one application’ formulation which allows their products to be applied once a day. Depending on the duration of exposure, intensity of the sun (time of day, season, geographic location), amount applied, contact with the water and how used to the sun your skin is, you may need to reapply the product.

Glimmer Formula Medium Sensitive

Colour & Texture: White lotion – easily absorbed and non-greasy
Size: 100ml
SPF: 20
Special properties: UVA protection, Free from oil, parabens, preservatives, emsulsifiers and fragrance, water resistant, liposome gel with reflecting pigments, glimmer formula. For normal and sensitive skin. Highly photostable
Price: R179.78
Purchase at: Online via or at select pharmacies & sports retail stores.
Best for: Those looking for a little bit of glimmer and glamour on the beach!

Clear Spray Formula High Sports

Colour & Texture: Clear spray
Size: 150ml
SPF: 50
Special properties: This product comes in an airless dispenser which ensures it lasts longer than the usual 12 month shelf life. UVB & UVA protection, Free from oil, preservatives, parabens, emsulsifiers and fragrance, water and perspiration resistant. Contains Vitamin E. Avoid contact with clothing & eyes to prevent staining & stinging respectively. Don’t spray on broken skin.
Price: R263.11
Purchase at: Online via or at select pharmacies & sports retail stores.
Best for: Ideal for all water sport enthusiasts and esp men who want mess-free, quick and easy sun protection.

Extreme Formula Very High Ultra Sensitive

Colour & Texture: White lotion – easily absorbed and non-greasy
Size: 100ml
SPF: 50+
Special properties: UVB & UVA protection, Free from oil, preservatives, parabens, emsulsifiers and fragrance, water resistant, Contains SOD – a free-radical scavenger, provitamin B5 and vitamin E. For children and extremely sensitive skin including eczema and people that suffer from prickly heat or general negative reactions to there skin when applying sunscreen.
Price: R276.27
Purchase at: Online via or at select pharmacies & sports retail stores.
Best for: Kids, people with sensitive skins, the whole family in fact!

Anti-Ageing Formula High Face

Colour & Texture: White lotion – easily absorbed and non-greasy
Size: 50ml
SPF: 30
Special properties: UVB & UVA, Free from oil, preservatives, emsulsifiers and fragrance, water resistant, liposome formula with ECTOIN, an anti-ageing agent and SOD – a free-radical scavenger, offering active cell protection to protect against UV induced skin ageing. Protects and moisturizes this is a sun protection and beauty product all in one which can be used on the face, decollete and hands. For normal and sensitive skin.
Price: R184.17
Purchase at: Online via or at select pharmacies & sports retail stores.
Best for: Use on your face esp for women keen to prevent wrinkles and signs of ageing


2013-11-23 12.12.56 (800x533)

DCL (Dermatalogic Cosmetics Laboratories) super sheer sunscreen

Broad spectrum protection, combines high UVB absorption and powerful UVA blockage in an elegant silky sheer, matte finish, leaving the skin residue-free. Superb photo protective performance of ultra micro fine Zinc Oxide contributes to the high SPF protection while supplemental antioxidants safeguard skin from environmental free-radical damage. This technologically advanced broad spectrum protection combines high UVB absorption and the highest rated UVA protection in an elegant, silky sheer finish.

Colour & Texture: White lotion that is quickly absorbed, fragrance free and lightweight.
Size: 15ml (I tested & photographed the sample size)
SPF: 50+ (also avail as a Chem Free SPF 30 – Formulated with no chemical sun blocking agents to offer excellent broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection to even the most sensitive skin types. Non-irritating and fragrance free, great for sensitive skin and post cosmetic/ aesthetic procedure. Very water resistant formulation retains SPF after 80 minutes of activity in the water or perspiring)
Special properties: Fragrance free, suitable for daily use by all skin types
Purchase at: Laserderm and selected salon stockists around SA
Best for: Those looking for premier quality sun care technology


Other sunscreens I have heard are worth trying are listed below.









Unfortunately I wasn’t able to test every product on the market but if you have info about these or any other sunscreens then please do feel free to send it to me for inclusion.

I hope you have found the article helpful and you’ll be a bit more sunscreen savvy this summer because of it!

Images: Kathryn Rossiter

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  1. What would be the best sunscreen to use for a complexion with pigmentation proneness? Someone recommended heliocare because of the specific composition of ingredients, but I cannot recall what the difference is between Heliocare and other products.
    Can you perhaps help?

  2. Hi! This is two years later and I still come back to this post. Each time my sunscreen is almost finished, I return here to decide which one to try out next. And through you I discovered Lamelle products (by mentioning the Dermaheal Hydrating sunscreen) which I adore.

    Thank you for such an informative post, really, thank you. I’ve also wanted to do a similar post on my favourite sunscreens, but in all honesty, you’ve said what had to be said 🙂 thanks again xx

    1. WOW thank you for your kind feedback. I really appreciate knowing my blog has made a difference somewhere and somehow x

  3. Forgive me but what is the point of providing a list of sunscreens if you have not tested the main reason for a sunscreen? Assuming manufacturer claims are accurate Is ridiculous considering the importance and known issues in this regard

  4. Good evening

    I am a teacher at a primary school in Kempton Park. We are hosting a golf day on the 8th of December and would like to find out how to go about getting little sample packs of Nutristart for our goodie bags for the players. We received small sample packs at one of the races I took part in and am quite confident in your product.

    Golf day organizer
    Aston Manor Primary

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