Battle of the…. Face Powders

Another beautiful post for those of your who love all things beauty… this one from makeup artist Rox, one of my Beauty Babes!


I’m pretty sure that all of us that love makeup have all been on the hunt for a perfect powder before. Most of us have spent hours and gone to great lengths to find that perfect powder to do it all- hide imperfections, control shine and, of course, give a flawless finish.

I think we can all agree that this task can be incredibly tedious, not to mention drive one to madness and or bankruptcy, (ok maybe not exactly bankruptcy but it does at times feel pretty close).

So, before I get into this can I just say that when Kathryn gave me these powders to try I was a bit apprehensive, only because powder and my dehydrated skin have had a bit of a hit or miss relationship over the years, none the less I was super excited and very keen to take these powders on a test drive!


The first powder I tried was the Revlon Colorstay pressed powder. This powder has a claim to last up to 16 hrs over makeup! So I was super eager to put that claim to the test.


Why it’s great: It’s incredibly fine and has a super silky texture. On its own I did find the powder a bit drying but over my liquid foundation it was flawless, comfortable and didn’t crease. The packaging is perfect and the powder easy to use, I do however wonder why they placed the mirror under the powder.

The longevity was a good full day and with a touch up after a day of shooting in studio I would imagine it would last a few more hours. All in all 16hrs is pushing it and the longevity will depend on skin type but for me this all-day powder with no touch up’s is a winner.


Next I tried Lancome Tient Idole Ultra. Beautiful, chic packaging and a great reputation, I was the most excited to try this powder. Not only is this product long wearing it is also a foundation. Yes, a powder foundation, YAY! A 2-in-1, we love those!!!


Why it’s great: To the touch this foundation powder is like butter. It is smooth and goes on like a dream. It covers well and doesn’t cake. It feels luxurious on the skin and the packaging is functional and well designed. I could not fault this gem, my only advice would be to test colours on your skin first as these powders tend to be quite red in undertone.


Revlon PhotoReady Two Way Powder Foundation was my final product to try and WOW was I impressed! I must confess that being in the makeup industry and working behind camera most days I have become a bit of a makeup snob, only ever using high end products in my kit but I can honestly say I have eaten my words and been converted, for now.

revlon-photo-ready-foundation-309978187301Why its great: This two way powder is truly amazing. It’s great for everyday wear as well as for a night out or a special function. Medium to build-able full cover this powder is soft, light weight and covers incredibly well. My skin didn’t feel dry and my ultimate selling point was it can be used with a wet or dry sponge, making it so much more versatile. This product gets a perfect powder thumbs up from me.


So there you have it, although I am still not quite sure the “perfect” powder exists, I hope through this read I have calmed the madness or at the very least saved you some cash. Whichever it is, I must say I did enjoy these powders and would recommend them all to you.



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Roxanne Sayers

Rox is a professional makeup artist and loves beauty mostly because of how it makes a person feel – confident and empowered response from my clients.Her favourite beauty quote is: “Makeup is art, beauty is spirit”

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  1. Revlon PhotoReady Two Way Powder Foundation is a fantastic product. It is effective and affordable!

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