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I am going to start off by saying I am probably one of the LAZIEST people in the world when it comes to body moisturizing. I always love the thought of it but TBH the thought of getting out the shower putting my hair oil in and then face moisturizer and THEN body…. agh… the thought alone just makes me tired!

If you’re anything like me, then you’ll want to know about the secret I have discovered – the lazy girls guide to fast moisturizing… Body Oil Sprays!


Here is a break down of some of the body oils I have been testing (and loving) lately… in all different price brackets!


Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour All Over Miracle Oil


I am just going to put it out there right now that this Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour All Over Treatment Oil is my absolute favourite body oil out of all four I am reviewing today. It has the most gorgeous subtle scent which reminds me of honey melon and has such a fine mist that you almost don’t need to spend time rubbing it in which also means its super easy to moisturize your back with a few sprays and then you don’t need someone to rub it in for you. This is the fourth item I have tried in the 8 hour range and I have to say that it is probably one of the most moisturizing ranges out there from the lip treatment to the original 8 hour cream. Such a must for someone who loves the thought of being supple skin but hates the faf of moisturizing. This can also be used all over the body, face and hair. I have opted to only use it on my body because I don’t want to waste it on anything else.


Palmers Coconut Oil Body Oil


This has the most gorgeous coconut tropical scent which is a signature when I think of any Palmers products. The nozzle is quite small which means it gives a very direct spray so with this one you need to rub after you’ve sprayed. It leaves the skin feeling moisturized without feeling greasy, my skin drinks this up straight away. I also love this in the evenings on my legs if I’m going as the scent lingers.


Nimue Treatment Body Oil


Then we have the Nimue Treatment Body Oil, this is up there with my top favourites. Again a fine mist similar to the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour body oil, it smells so fresh and sinks right into the skin. What is so awesome about Nimue as a brand is there skin care approach; each range is broken down from Hyperpigmentation to problematic skin which means within each range you’re likely to find something that is suited to your skin. Back to the body oil, again this is very moisturizing and my skin soaked it up. The thing I noticed the most with this is that my skin felt supple the entire day which to me is just a bonus because firstly you have no cracked, dry bits and when it comes to applying it again in the evening it doesn’t feel like such a chore because you can see it has actually worked!


Wass Body Treatment Oil


Lastly, a locally made body oil from Wass. This is the heaviest of all 4 oils and is perfect for super dry winter skin which is ironic as this body oil variant is in their ‘WINTER’ collection. It is made for dry, cracked winter skin. The bottle is also different as it has a dropper, which makes it unique. Scent wise it is very herbal, aromatherapy smelling. This oil can also be used in the bath for a relaxing aromatherapy bath with the benefit of getting out all moisturized.




Are you lazy like me when it comes to moisturizing? Then I highly recommend trying out the route of a body oil spray, you can thank me later….





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Images & Text: Cara Fay

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