Battle of the…. L’Oréal Serums

As far as skincare goes, serums are one of my favourites. So I set myself the task of testing three different age specific serums from L’Oréal.

But, being 23, I could not review all three.

So, I myself tested the Skin Perfection Advanced Correcting Serum. My mom, at 43, tested the Revitalift Laser Renew (not exactly a serum). And my grandmother, aged 69, tested the Age Perfect Cell Renew Golden Serum. This is multi-generational beauty review!

All three serums are formulated to specifically target the age related concerns that goes with that age bracket, as follows:

Skin Perfection Advanced Correcting Serum
• Smoothes pores
• Adds a healthy looking glow
• Blurs any imperfections on the skin
• Conceals dark circles and refreshes eyes
• Tightens pores
• Refines the skin’s texture

Revitalift Laser Renew
• Smoothes the skin’s texture
• Remodels, tones and redensifies areas
• Illuminates complexion
• Corrects fine lines and wrinkles

Age Perfect Cell Renew Golden Serum
• Adds radiance and health to your overall skin texture
• Smoothes and freshenes the skin tone
• Renews skin cells from the inside, while hydrating
• Tones skin

In my opinion, all three of the serums pretty much do the same thing for different ages. I have used a lot of serums in my time and the L’Oréal serums are always good. Not the best, but not ones that I would stay away from either.

In my experience I definitely noticed an added glow of health when I used the product religiously.

What I appreciate the most is that this can be used morning and night. I way prefer this than to when you need TWO products from the same range. When used in conjunction with the Skin Perfection eye cream, you see the biggest difference of all and your overall skin texture is smoother and your eye puffiness is largely decreased. So, if you are like me in terms of skin (and eye puffiness!) then this combo is a definite winner.

Rayne XX



Images: Rayne Alexander

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