Battle of the…. Liquid Eyeliners

Today’s Battle of the… beauty review is from Kirsten Murphy Rossiter, a makeup & hair stylist who knows her stuff!


A dramatic black line with loads of mascara has always been my absolute favourite makeup look, so It’s pretty fitting that I get to battle it out with all these different liners.

The hunt for the perfect black liner can be an ever challenging thing, this is all dependent on the skin type you have, the type or size of the line you are trying to achieve and of course your budget.

I have a combination skin with generally oily lids which can lead to liner smudging, so often I need to set a concealer with powder on my lids before applying a liquid liner.

I’ve tried six different liners and these are my thoughts…


Firstly, I love the name. The shape of the liner reminds me of a black koki pen with a very sharp tip, which makes for a wonderful wing. On application, it does look a lot like you are using a koki on your eyelid and it can be slightly sheer at first, but can be layered. I find this liner works best on and lasts longest on an eyelid that is not too oily. The ideal way to wear it would be with eyeshadow or a light dust of powder over concealer on the lids.

Price : +- R159.95 at Clicks


And super skinny it is for the ultimate control in how thin or how thick your are wanting your liner to be. With a 0.1mm skinny tip you can achieve the sharpest, most defined edge of your wing. Revlon’s colourstay range boast all day wear and I found it works pretty well, once again long wear is optimised by a non oily lid. In this range Revlon also has liquid liner with a regular sized felt tip.

Price : +- R199,00 at Clicks



The most interestingly shaped liner to date. Similar to a koki pen, but flatter, more rounded for a thicker wing and narrow on the sides to achieve the narrow tip of the wing or a thinner liner. The great thing about this liner is the bendability in the tip which literally creates the curves of a liquid liner for you. I have really enjoyed wearing this liner, it dries quickly after application and lasts long on the eyelid.

Price : R139,95 at Clicks



Although I have tried the green and purple liners in this range, I have loved every minute of it. These liners have great staying power, I have noticed that they really last all day, even on a naked eyelid. The colours are subtle and the skinny brush makes for a great, controlled application.

Price : +- R265 at Foschini for beauty



A great narrow felt tip liner which is water-resistant and comes off easily with any normal eye makeup remover. I found that this liner takes a little bit longer to dry that any of the others, so one would need to be prepared to have a few seconds to spare when using this liner. Generally I found that it lasted very well on my eyelids.

Price : +-R185,95 at Clicks



A great budget liner which is also waterproof. I noticed that the tip of my felt point was a little bit angled, not sure if it was meant to be that way- but it worked well and helped with my winged liner. When tested with water, I found that it transferred a little bit, but generally an ok water resistant liner which can also be removed with normal eye makeup remover.

Price : +- R65 on Takealot

Which liquid eyeliners have you tried? and which one is your favourite?

Text & Images: Kirsten Murphy Rossiter

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Kirsten Murphy Rossiter

Kirsten is a Cape Town based Hair and Makeup Artist and Model. She also has a passion for performing on stage in musical theatre. She has an insatiable appetite for all things beauty and loves educating women with beauty advice, helping to make it attainable and unpretentious, yet still trendy and cool. She loves trying out Foundations, Highlighters (cream and powder) Mascaras, Matte Lipsticks and Cream Blush.

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  1. I have tried the Revlon but unfortunately I was allergic to it for som3 reason. Have very sensitive eyes. I do want to try the Maybelline though. L’Oreal is another favorite of mine

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