Battle of the… Eye Creams

Today, in my Beauty Babes series, Rayne is chatting about five of the eye creams she’s been reviewing. They all range in price, size and uses.

Let’s jump right in….


Wild Rose Brightening Eye Cream from Korres

Benefits: This Korres eye cream is aimed at brightening and moisturising under the eyes. Restores skin’s texture and skin tone. Can also be used on the upper eyelid. Aids in diminishing fine lines and dark circles.

Review: This eye cream reminds me a lot of the Dermalogica age Smart Eye cream. I am not a fan of rose scents but this one is just delicious and the smell stays with you for ages. It only needs to be used once a day and it is nice and smooth. The hygienic nib applicator also gets my stamp of approval.

Price: R480

Rating: 4/5


Revitalising Eye Therapy from Placecol

Benefits: Soften the look of lines and wrinkles with this Revitalising Eye Therapy from Placecol all the while lessening the puffiness around the eye area. The nourishing ingredients include anti-oxidant properties which reduces the signs of premature aging.

Review: An overall nice eye cream. The formulation is super lightweight which results in your makeup sitting beautifully on top. The scent is a bit off-putting but settles into something which smells quite fragranced. This can be used morning and night.

Price: R225

Rating: 3/5


Eye Resque Gel from Beaucience

Benefits: This Beauscience eyecream promises to protect and nurture the delicate skin under your eye leaving the skin toned, conditioned and smoothed.

Review: This is a very weird consistency. The packaging specifically states ‘works well under make-up’. And it leaves your skin feeling primed and smooth BUT it also becomes very creasy. I like it for night time use but the daytime wear is bad enough that I won’t be reaching for it often. I would much rather keep one on hand that can be used day and night. Also, the tub form is my least favourite kind as it can be unhygienic.

Price: R85

Rating: 2/5


Cellular Anti-Aging Eye & Lip Cream from Noreva

Benefits: Noreva‘s Noveane promises to regenerate the delicate skin around the eyes and lips. Restores elasticity and suppleness. Fills in fine lines, wrinkles and micro-furrows.

Review: I am not a fan of dual products, and this being okay for eyes AND lips is kind of weird to me. However, the steel top applicator is flipping cool and I find my lips craving the formula. At the rate I am going, this will be finished up in no time at all. I don’t really use it on my eyes at all but the applicator has a lovely cooling effect in your eye contour.

Price: R375

Rating: 4/5


Revitalift Filler from L’Oreal

Uses: Hit the trifecta with reducing eye bags, firming skin and replumping wrinkles with this L’Oreal eye cream

Review: As far as diminishing the look of fine lines, this was the eye-cream that produced the best results. The applicator is the same as the Noreva (a different shape, though) but the metal has a cooling effect on the skin which really does help with puffiness. It has a noticeable difference in my very fine lines under my eyes and concealer on top barely creases. At the very least, it creases the least of all 5.

Price: R240

Rating: 4/5


And that is it! I feel super accomplished that I made my way through all five.

Do you have any eye creams that you recommend?



Text & Images: Rayne Alexander

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