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Babies = So. Much. Love. BUT So. Much. Hard Work.

Those first few months of motherhood are such a blur of questions, dummies, self-doubt, nappies, guilt, baby books, tears, bottles, pureed food, early wakings and too many endless dark hours of the night spent rocking and shushing and soothing and crying…

No other time in my life did I feel so alone and so helpless – it was terrifying at times, the unknown of it all! I thought I was so prepared for this motherhood thing – I spent 9 months reading up on every stage of my pregnancy bible aka the “What to Expect” book, I trawled online forums, I signed up for ante-natal classes, had a bevy of nieces & nephews and had babysat since I was 14 – I was the girl who wanted a baby since I was barely out of nappies myself, the one who’s high school friends mocked her mercilessly when she bought a Winnie-the-Pooh baby book at the age of 16!

But NOTHING can prepare you for being the sole care giver to a little life, YOUR little life! It is the epitome of responsibility – and they send you home after 3 days with a few pamphlets and the number for the weekly moms group and expect you to just KNOW what to do. Now THAT is a horror story…

Fortunately here I am almost 8 years later – and both my children and myself are perfectly fine (?) According to some study I read somewhere, families with kids under 5 are known as “families in crisis” and now that I’m on the other side of those first few years I can look back and say those annoying few words you hear so often as a new mom “Appreciate them while they are so small, it goes so fast!” Yes, I think I would have rammed my pram into the next person who told me that when I was in the midst of the mayhem that is new mommyhood, but now I know they were right AND I didn’t fully appreciate it at the time. Such is life!

One of the very few things that helped me through those tough times when all my baby did was CRY was the now legendary book called Baby Sense by Megan Faure and Sr Ann Richardson. There were other books which I won’t mention now that just made me feel so much worse about myself as a mom and this was one of the few that made “sense” And even though I’m well past that phase I actually still have held on to my copy!

Another lifeline for me at that time was meeting other moms who were all going through the same lifestage as me – I was invited to join a weekly moms group and would hang on to those appointments like my life depended on them. Nothing was more important than those few hours chatting to those new mom friends (And I’m so pleased to still have many of them as part of my life today!)

What is great is that there is a way to combine BOTH of these – soak up as much knowledge as possible from the true experts on babies plus meet other new moms… The Johnson’s Baby Sense Seminars are now in their 11th year and their expert speaker panel offers the latest parenting advice for new and expectant parents.


Meg Faure (occupational therapist and Baby Sense co-author), Sr Ann Richardson (specialist nurse practitioner, author and parent coach), Tina Otte (midwife and special editor of Your Pregnancy magazine) and paediatrician, Dr Claudia Gray will address the challenges arising during specific periods of the parenting journey with BABY as the morning session theme and BIRTH & NEWBORN for the afternoon seminar.

Dr Claudia Gray (a doctor who quite literally changed my life recently with her amazing intervention for my kids eczema issues!) will address health concerns and give tips on how to boost immunity and decrease the risk of allergies. Meg Faure will be talking about baby’s development and how to stimulate him/her through play to ensure optimal physical, cognitive and emotional development. Sr Ann Richardson will cover how to establish a sense-able sleep routine and age appropriate sleep training.

For the expecting parents, the afternoon birth & newborn seminar will be the ultimate crash course on birth and baby’s first four months. Tina Otte will discuss your newborn’s amazing capabilities and why skin on skin contact is essential for mom and baby in the magical hour after birth. Learn the secrets to a calm newborn, manage your crying baby and strategies to prevent colic with Meg Faure and Sr Ann Richardson will take you through the first six weeks of #baby101 including umbilical cord care, nappy changes, feeding, sleeping, cradle cap and more.

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To further enhance bonding with your new bundle of joy, the Johnson’s Baby massage workshop will open the world of communication with your baby through touch and massage, with an interactive demonstration of some hands-on massage skills and tips.


Durban – 16 August
Three Cities Riverside Hotel

Port Elizabeth – 23 August
The Marine Hotel

Johannesburg – 6 September
Woodmead Country Club

Cape Town – 13 September
The Vineyard Hotel


R240 per seminar and R80 for the massage workshop.
If you book for both seminars and the massage workshop a discounted rate of R480 will be applicable.  Tickets include goodie bags of essential baby products, invaluable information in the seminar manuals and the chance of winning amazing prizes including a Stokke Scoot travel system

Book online or call (021) 671 3245

For more info:
Twitter: @BabySense
Hashtag: #baby101

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