Baby Buzz: Top 10 Winter Essentials for Baby

Winter is here in full force and we decided to gather together our favourite Winter Essentials for Baby to help you get through this sometimes trying time with little ones!

We hope these suggestions will help you and your little one brave the winter storms ahead with ease!

1. Grobag from Tommee Tippee

The gorgeous Grobaby sleeping sacks provide the perfect solution to babies who push off all their covers and end up waking during the night because they are getting cold. We have found that this to be an essential item in our winter routines. These bags are available at Baby City, Take-a-lot and Loot. They made with a light weave 100% cotton outer and a super soft jersey lining which means there is no need for additional blankets. They are available for ages 0-36 months and they open easily via a zip to allow easy night time nappy changes. Lullaby Trust, the UK’s leading safe sleeping charity also recommend the Grobag. We know that the Grobag will help you and your little one get that much needed shut eye this winter as it has helps us tremendously!


2. Baby & Kids Natural Chest Rub from Pure Beginnings

Winter comes with extra cuddle time but also with nasty runny noses and chesty coughs at times! It is no secret that we love the Pure Beginnings range and we absolutely love this 100% natural chest rub with eucalyptus & lavender. It helps little ones who are struggling with sniffles and coughs and is free from petroleum and menthol. Did you know that 100% of the ingredients are from natural origin? It is a great natural way to help ease uncomfortable congestion and it can be used (sparingly) on babies as young as 3 months old. We use the Pure Beginnings Chest Rub regularly in our house and our kids have grown to love the scent and comfort it brings!

3. Moo Goo Natural Mini-Moo Bubbly Wash

Don’t all babies love a warm bubble bath? It is one of our favourite bedtime routines with our girls especially on a chilly winter evening. Is there is anything better than a warm bubble bath, soft towels and stories in pajamas? This bubbly wash avoids Sodium Laureth Sulphate which actually causes skin to dry out and rather makes use of six different natural cleansers which bubble well. Although the bubbles may break down a little faster than traditional bubble bath with a little agitation in the water they rebuild again quickly giving babies that bubbly bath fun! The Natural Mini-Moo Bubble Wash also has a special ingredient called colloidal rice balm and this helps keep babies skin hydrated and smooth.


4. Aveeno Active Naturals Baby Barrier Cream

Every baby needs a good barrier cream and especially in winter when skin gets dry and little bottoms don’t get that much fresh air! They say prevention is better than cure and in the case of winter nappy rash this is definitely the case! The Aveeno Active Naturals Baby Barrier Cream has a lovely creamy consistency. We love how it rubs on easily and stays on. We also really appreciate how it helps keep this sensitive area well protected. It also contains colloidal oatmeal and zinc oxide which are two natural and hard-working ingredients that assist in keeping skin smooth and happy!

5. Steam Humidifier

The air in winter becomes dry and this means that viruses can travel easier and cause illness in little ones. By using a humidyfier such as the Nuvita Silver Ion or the Elektra Warm Steam Humidifier which adds moisture back into the air one can avoid the nasty results of dry air such as cracked skin, chaffed lips, sore throats and runny noses! It can also help when a baby has a cold by assisting their respiratory system in breaking down mucous build-up. There a a wide variety of models on offer and we suggest doing some research on what you prefer be it warm or cool mist, a large size or smaller before you purchase.

6. Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Lotion

This lotion is fragrance free, PH-neutral and hypoallergenic meaning that it keeps baby’s skin hydrated whilst gently moisturizing. Dry skin can be a real problem during colder winter months and finding a daily moisturizer for us has been a challenge. We love how Baby Dove Rich Moisture Lotion has an easy absorbing, non-sticky consistency.

7. Nose Frida- the Snot Sucker

Yes, you read that correctly- a snot sucker! The little Nose Frida invention is a life saver when baby is struggling with a blocked nose. This special device is gentle, yet effective at helping a congested baby. It is a totally natural and safe solution invented by a Swedish doctor. Using a little bit of suction it helps free up those little nostrils! Available on Take-a-lot and in Dischem stores.

8. Stèrimar Breathe Easy Baby Nose Spray

This nifty little spray bottle is worth its weight in gold! Babies are unable to blow their noses so in order to make sure their nasal passages are clean and clean one spray up each nostril of this fine mist spray helps do this job. The 100ml bottle contains a 100% natural solution made from filtered sea water and it produces a very fine mist spray so that a little baby can tolerate it. We find the Stèrimar Breathe Easy Baby Nose Spray useful for both babies and parents alike! Available at Clicks and Dischem stores.

9. Winter Baby Wears by Keedo

Keeping your little bundle of joy warm this winter comes easy with Keedo. They produce the most delightful range of stylish, yet practical baby clothes and accessories. Check out their lovely range of winter clothes including baby grows, jackets and jerseys here. From sleep wear to day wear their range is full of warm, snuggly items to keep your baby cosy! How adorable is this little boy blue baby Bear Onesie and this little girls Velvet Dress Set?



10. Winter Accessories by Keedo

For the perfect winter accessories Keedo stocks the most delightful beanies, gloves and booties! We love that their items are all locally produced and that each one comes with love to keep your little one as snug as a bug! Check out their sweet range of warm accessories for baby girls and boys. We just love their little Bunny Bonnet which is currently on sale!


*None of the brands included have paid to be a part of this campaign and all have been selected by ourselves.

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