Karoo for Kids: An awesome African Sunset at Samara

Over the past few weeks I’ve been sharing a travel diary of our Karoo for Kids trip to Samara. Today will be more of a photo album – less words, more pictures…

These awe-inspiring pictures of an amazing African Sunset taken from the summit of the Camdeboo mountains are too beautiful for words! The saying goes that a picture is worth a thousand words… So allow me to keep this post short and sweet and share some shots of the most magnificent sunset I’ve seen in my LIFE!

This experience at Samara was incredibly special and I relished every moment of watching the huge golden orb sink behind the horizon. It was a serious “Lion King” moment!

I also took the chance to experiment a little bit with my photography skills which is evidenced in these first few pics…. I hope you enjoy them & do apologise in advance for the sheer number of sunset pics here, but as you can see it was very hard for me to eliminate any of them. Scrolling down helps me to relive the moment all over again and I hope you will too!!

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Dusk as always been my favourite time of day. The silence and serenity of seeing this scene unfolding before me just re-confirmed how special this time of the day truly is! An added bonus was that as we turned to leave we were greeted by the moon rising over the opposite horizon too!

You can’t beat Africa at it’s beautiful best!

It was a privilege to enjoy this experience in such a special place. Samara, once an overfarmed, barren stretch of land, has been restored and reawakened  into a magical oasis of wildlife and wonder. All it took was time – the time to leave things be and allow nature to get back into balance. If only we could all take time to slow down and allow nature to unfold around us more often. What a different place the world would be!

Samara offer a discount to all South African residents (SA ID number required) to stay in the Karoo Suites. Call Jenny at Samara Reservations on +27 (0) 23 626 6113 for more information.

(Valid only at Karoo Lodge and excluding Sibella suites. Direct bookings only. Valid until 10 December 2014 and subject to availability.)

Images: Kathryn Rossiter

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