Attention to detail at Klaserie Drift Safari Camp

The whisper of a breeze gently blows a floating weaver bird’s nest weightlessly in a tree.

An efficient dung beetle rolls his mate on a perfect sphere down a sandy track.

A woodland kingfisher calls from its perch high up in the trees overlooking the shady river.

Wild grasses catch the golden light displaying their delicate textures.

Spiders spin their webs across the roads attempting to catch their evening prey.

Newborn ears twitch in the long grass as a baby impala attempts his first steps.

These are the moments that make the African bush pure magic.

The beauty in the details.

Most people who head out on a safari are eager to experience the big moments – the lion kill, the wild dog pack, the elusive leopard or the swimming elephants – and, yes, these moments are memorable, but it’s the quieter moments that truly move the soul.

During our recent stay at the beautiful Klaserie Drift Safari Camp we were gifted many of these moments thanks to the slower pace of our daily drives and the ever watchful eyes of our guide, Emily.

Whether you are into animals, insects, plants or birds a stay at Klaserie Drift has something for everyone.

Every morning and evening you will head out on a 4×4 game drive and have another chance to discover the delights of a bush “treasure hunt” where your guide will reveal more about this fascinating eco-system and the details of bush life.

For the more adventurous visitors there is also the opportunity to request a walking safari with qualified walking guides where you will get even closer to the action…. of the “mighty mini-beasts” and the “small 5”!

Without the constant hum of an engine you will begin to notice all the sounds of the bush, from the serenading songbirds to the crackle of branches betraying elephants feeding.

Make tracks of your own as you feel the sand crunch beneath your feet while you explore the African bush from an entirely different perspective and connect with nature in a brand new way.

For those with a passion for birds, the bush is paradise indeed.

With up to 300 different bird species calling the lowveld home this is the perfect place to indulge your interest in bird photography or to expand your knowledge of bird calls.

Exclusive birding safaris, including birding walks and game drives at suitable times, are available with a specialist bird guide on an exclusive use basis at Klaserie Drift Safari Camp.

One of my main missions during our trip to the area was to get a great photo of “the most photographed bird in the world”, the beautifully hued Lilac-Breasted Roller.

With their European cousins featuring prominently throughout my trip, it was indeed a challenge to find one brave enough to linger longer for my photo. They were always too far away, too fast or in the wrong light!

Fortunately, after 4 days and 8 game drives in the bush Emily finally found a beauty for me just as we were heading back to camp in the final moments of our final game drive!

This beauty was perfectly positioned to display the magnificent colours and fine feathering of this photogenic species.

What a win in the treasure hunt of the bush!

Wildlife photography is my favourite genre of photography and on this trip I discovered a real passion for bird photography – not as easy for me to achieve with my current camera set up (and those real deal birding lenses are NEXT LEVEL expensive), but it really was a wonderful way to enjoy bush life on another level. I was always on the lookout for another opportunity to capture this Eden in a new way and I was fortunate enough to have many.

One of my most memorable was when my youngest child spotted a unique sighting – possibly the most exciting of our entire trip: A chameleon camouflaging itself in a river bed puddle!

`We managed to stop the 4×4 and clamber out to get a closer look at this almost translucent¬†chameleon staying completely still in the shallows of the river. After realising we were not a threat, he started to carefully place one foot in front of another, moving opposite feet at the time and keeping his beady eyes fixed on as at all times! As he crept closer to the sandy bank he started to change colour and picked up the pace until he was safely hidden in the grass. It was a beautiful moment to witness and to have the time to enjoy it (and capture it) was very special.

Klaserie Drift Safari Camp offers photographic safaris for those looking to take their photography to the next level. A privately-guided safari with a locally renowned wildlife photographer who offers professional knowledge, inclusive skills workshops and real-time feedback out in the field is a surefire way to get that shot of a lifetime.

Guests can also pre-order a professional wildlife camera and lens from a highly reputable third party who will deliver the best quality equipment to the lodge prior to your arrival! Had I know I would have ordered a telephoto lens for better bird photos! Both Canon and Nikon DSLR packages are available. Advanced booking is essential.

As if camouflaged chameleons and beautifully lit birds weren’t enough highlights for one morning, our final breakfast at Klaserie Drift Safari Camp delivered up one more moment for the memory bank…

Giraffe’s are my absolute favourites and I’ve dreamt of visiting the gorgeous Giraffe House in Kenya for as long as I can remember. The thought of breakfasting with a beauty popping her long neck through my window to share some tea makes me feel exactly like a kid again….

The last meal on safari is always tinged with slight sadness and so when one long-legged beauty decided to join me for a drink on our last morning it was the perfect way to end a magical stay at Klaserie Drift where attention to detail is world-class!

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