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This Wednesday I’m interviewing Ash, aka FitMom, a mom of two boys with a passion for women’s health and pre & postnatal fitness.

Ash is a qualified personal trainer and also teaches classes for both SWEAT 1000 and Barre Body. She loves sharing her experiences and love of exercise through her blog.

Read on to find out more about her…


What I…

Know: life is short and we need to make the most of our time here. I haven’t always been a personal trainer. Before this I worked in the corporate world and did many jobs that didn’t make me truly happy. By following my passion I have never been happier or more fulfilled. It really rings true for me that if you do what you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life again!

Love: my beautiful, precious sons and my supportive, wonderful husband. Family is everything to me. Other “loves” include exercise (particularly running and strength training), lazy Sunday lunches, wine with friends, movies (when not too tired from the kids), traveling and exploring new places.

Read: I love reading. I really do. Before my kids came along I would devour books one after the other. Unfortunately, I don’t read enough these days and find that by the time I get into bed at night I am so exhausted I am basically asleep before my head hits the pillow. The only thing I manage to read at the moment are health and fitness magazines, blogs and articles. This obviously is where my interest lies and it keeps me up to date in my industry. Now and again I get my hands on a good novel and thoroughly enjoy it but as I said, just not often enough.

Want: time to slow down with my children. They are getting too big too quickly and each time I blink another week/month/year is up. I also want to expand my business, FitMom, to show as many women as possible how strong and healthy their bodies can be. I want to teach women that exercise CAN be enjoyable and life-changing and with discipline and consistency, they can achieve their goals.

Wear: Active wear 90% of the time. If I am not training myself then I am training clients so I basically wear gym clothes every day of the week. When I do get the opportunity to wear civilian clothing (haha) I have a very laid back, simple style. I have a deep love/obsession for/with Country Road and, of late, I have found myself eyeing out a few things at Poetry. For me, the simpler the better: a nice pair of skinny jeans, a plain t-shirt, leather sandals and then a chunky necklace or biggish earrings to bring the outfit to life. I haven’t worn high heels in a million years! I would be too scared to now as I don’t think I would last very long.

Need: Sleep! I am hopeless when sleep deprived and have found that to be the biggest challenge of parenthood. Thank goodness my husband is an early riser so that has saved me on many occasions. I also need to exercise daily as it makes me a better person. It is my stress-reliever and my form of therapy.


Images: Ashleigh Iovino



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