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I was recently introduced to a wonderful new shop that specializes in aromatherapy called Aseyah R. Based in Plumstead, Aseyah R caters to aromatherapists and the public by supplying a wide range of essential oils and related products and treatments.

aromatherapy shop


aromatherapy oils

When I popped in the team were very welcoming and I was introduced to Aseyah herself as well as Kelly and Maggie – all three are qualified aromatherapists with a vision to take aromatherapy information further into mainstream awareness and everyday use.


Aromatherapy is a wonderful way to treat a variety of physical and emotional ailments including insomnia, depression, SAD, stress, colds and flu and my personal area of interest – my children’s ezcema – the bane of my life! I have been going for occasional aromatherapy massages for many years and look forward to the complete relaxation that follows the massages with anticipation – it’s this mom’s drug of choice! I have also used essential oils in my bath for a variety of reasons but especially after the arrival of both my children – lavender essential oil is known for its’ amazing healing, calming, antibacterial and antidepressant properties which are all things I needed following the births!! I have also used it to assist with aiding restful sleep in myself and my kids. However lavender is one of the few oils I know about and I am hoping to discover more about what oils are beneficial in which ways!

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aromatherapy shop

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At Aseyah R House of Aromatherapy and Pure Aromatics they offer the following:

– A wide range of pure essential and base oils that are ethically and sustainably harvested.
– An beautiful range of therapeutic products with a focus on incorporating aromatherapy effortlessly into daily life such as bath soaks, soaps, roll on neck massages, products for children such as a natural chest rub. Both Pre-blended or Personalized products are available depending on your needs.
– Therapeutic body treatments and massage with essential oils blended specifically to meet the needs of the individual.
– A consulting Western Medical Herbalist who specializes in cancer treatments.
– Corporate massage.
– Therapy rooms for hire.
– Monthly workshops and weekly free talks (The Essential Ed series).

The Essential Ed Series are free talks that take place on Tuesday evenings at 7pm. Each week the focus is on a specific essential oil. The aim of these talks is to provide information to the public that is easy to understand and use in their own homes. I am hoping to attend the upcoming Ginger talk as it is not only used in the home as an essential oil but as a ingredient in cooking and tea etc. I am interested to find out what benefits there are especially in relation to avoiding colds and flu in the upcoming winter months.

aromatherapy oils

natural soap

aromatheraphy oils

Here is the schedule for the next few weeks should you be interested in attending one of their free talks.

Upcoming talks in the Essential Ed Series

Tuesday 17th April – Rosemary Essential oil

Tuesday 24th April – Ginger Essential oil

Tuesday 1st May – Pine Essential oil

Tuesday 8th May – Aromatherapy first aid kit.

Be sure to let them know if you will be attending via the phone number below!

Aseyah R

Contact Details

62 Gabriel Road
Tel: 021 797 5319
Open: 09h00 – 17h00 Mondays – Fridays
After hours by special arrangement

Find them on Facebook or via their website.

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