Currently Coveting: All I want for Christmas…

My Christmas Wish List is here… primarily for my husband to use (hint, hint), but also to inspire you, just in case you haven’t yet got a little list of your own!


All I want for Christmas…

An Art Easel

– I’m really keen to get more into my art this coming year. This is an essential for setting up a little space where I can come and go to a painting at my leisure.


A Camera back pack 

– The camera bag I have is OK. It came all the way around Indonesia with me but it was there that I realised I need a new one – with 2 back straps. The one I have has 1 strap and it’s meant to be convenient for opening and closing on the go BUT it’s so uncomfortable to wear esp on longer trips (and I’m hoping to have a few more of these next year!)


A small camera for shooting video

– My blogging friend, Amelia, shoots a weekly vlog and I’m toying with the idea. I need a new camera to do it tho that’s easier to hold and is very steady. I’m terrible at shooting video with my big camera – too much hand shake going on!

Kirsten Goss anything

– Any of her gorgeous jewellery is always welcome! I’d especially like the longer length lifesaver necklace or a pair of earrings


A beautiful new dining room table

– We have a huge big space in what is meant to be our dining room so would love to have a new table for Christmas. (Realistically I realise that this may only be Christmas next year!)

Art (or pretty prints!)

– Pretty prints will do but I’d really love to invest in one (or two) pieces of original art at some stage to decorate the now very bare white walls of our home.


– Our cement floor desperately needs a few rugs to soften it under foot. I’m not really sure what it should look like… I’ll now when I see it!

Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses in Rose Gold

– I bought a similar pair from a market in Bali (obvs not genuine!) and I’ve LOVED them. They’ve been the most flattering sunglasses I’ve worn and now I’m really keen to get a genuine pair


Orchids or other indoor plants

– I was recently gifted a gorgeous large cymbidium orchid for my en-suite bathroom and I’m currently planning on tracking down a small wooden stool to place it on next to my bath but I’d like to add some foliage to the rest of my home too – orchids for the kids bathroom and guest loo and maybe a pretty trailing plant for the shelf that will soon be going up in the kitchen.


Ticket to Ride board game

– I’m totally into board games. So maybe summer isn’t the best season for them but I played this one back in Winter and am so keen to get my own copy so that next winter we’re all set!



What’s on your Christmas Wish List? Tell me in the comments below…



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