ADHD and Low Self Esteem Workshop

Occasionally, we may all have difficulty sitting still, paying attention or controlling impulsive behaviour. For a person with ADHD, though, these problems become so pervasive and persistent that their ability to function effectively in daily life is compromised.

In general society’s reaction to the ADHD child’s behaviour is negative with very little tolerance or understanding. The continuous negative feedback the ADHD child gets from parents, teachers and peers result in a low self esteem. The child continuously faces disapproval and strong negative emotions in response to his / her behaviour which the child does not understand and cannot control. The child does not comprehend why his/her behaviour causes so much negative reaction. When the adults in the child’s life have an understanding of why the child behaves the way he/she does, small changes in language alone can make a huge difference. For example: When saying: “You are a bad boy!” the child perceives it as he is a bad person.

Instead say: “Your behaviour is not appropriate and I do not approve”, and then affirm; “I love you I just do not agree with the way you are behaving now, it hurts my feelings when you speak to me in that manner.”

This kind of feedback makes it clear to the child that there is a difference between him as a person and his behaviour and that he is in control of how he behaves. It also affirms that he is loved and his behaviour will not cause his mom or dad to stop loving him.

This is very important since most children feel insecure, their biggest fear that their parents will not love them anymore and that they are not good enough for their parents.

This is the case with children in general as well – however in the case of the ADHD child it is exacerbated, they need to be reassured constantly and reminded that they are loved and that they are safe. Establishing clear rules and setting firm boundaries are the keys to achieving a feeling of safety and security.¤

Due to the increasing number of children being diagnosed with ADHD / ADD it is imperative that we educate and help parents understand what they are dealing with.

Leila has done extensive research on ADHD / ADD for the last 7years and conducted various interviews, talks, workshops as well as publishing and launching her book both in South Africa and abroad. Leila learned first hand how frustrating and difficult it can be when nobody understands your child and the diffculty of coping with ADHD/ADD behaviour. She now passionately helps other parents find solutions to their daily frustrating situations.

Leila Benelli will be conducting a workshop on understanding the ADHD / ADD child where she will help parents create solutions catered to their family’s specific needs.

Understanding your ADHD Child – A Practical Solution-based Workshop for Parents

This workshop is for any parent who suspects their child may be ADHD/ADD or whose child has been diagnosed with ADHD/ADD. If you are concerned about your child’s behaviour; finding it difficult to cope and not sure what to do, then this workshop is for you. We are not pro or anti medication – we simply give you the facts, look at the challenges and find the best solutions so you can create a healthy happy space for your family. Leila Benelli has offered these workshops successfully in South Africa, Indonesia and India. These workshops will be held in Australia and New Zealand in October this year.


Date: 2 February 2012

Time: 9h00 – 15h00 (registration at 8h30)

(Tea, Coffee & Biscuits on arrival – please provide your own lunch.)

Place: Novalis Institute, Rosmead Avenue, Wynberg, Cape Town, South Africa

Bookings: +27 (0)78 090 4829 or email or

Cost: R950 for two / R650 for one

PLUS you get a free download of the book “Help My Child is Driving Me Crazy” which was published and launched in 2010 both in South Africa and in India & the Double Audio CD Set- Interviews conducted with 5 Top ADHD Medical Experts. Limited space available!

Only 30 max! Book now to avoid disappointment! Payment secures booking!

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