Beauty Review: Acquizhen – an organic beauty brand

In my home we are aiming to make changes to our lifestyle and “go green” wherever possible. I try my best to use natural & organic products so I am quite pleased to find that natural & organic beauty brands are becoming far easier to find in SA these days. One such brand is Acquizhen which I have been using for my daily skincare routine over the past month.

The range was formulated by Dr Eric Schulte (creator of !QMS) to develop an effective organic skincare brand. What I love about the ethos of the Acquizhen range of skin care products is that it combines accurate science with the best of nature using only the purest ingredients. The products are not tested on animals, contain no parabens and are not genetically modified in any way and the natural ingredients that are used are certified as sustainable and provide a fair wage to people at the source.

Here are my thoughts on the Acquizhen products I have been reviewing…

Freshening Cleanser (pictured above)

This gel cleanser was refreshing to use. It gently cleansed my skin quickly and left it oil-free. It removed my makeup effectively leaving my face feeling fresh and clean. The info on the box also mentions that this cleanser “penetrates skin deep into the pores and works on a cellular level by neutralising free radicals” but I can’t report back on that myself! I did find that I needed to apply moisturiser after using this cleanser as my skin felt quite tight after use.

Price: R280 – 100ML

Replenishing Day Cream (pictured below)

The day moisturiser was a light, non-greasy cream that was quickly absorbed by my skin leaving it feeling fresh and youthful. It had a pleasant, natural smell and my face felt comfortable – neither greasy or tight. I did find, however, as the day wore on that my face felt dry. I feel that this product might be better suited to people with oily skin – mine is increasingly drier as I head towards my mid-30s!  The box info tells us that the day cream “protects and refines every skin type, giving radiance and vitality. Daily use has an accumulative firming effect as active ingredients reduce fine lines as well as protecting and stimulating production of collagen and elastin. The cream neutralises free radicals, improves your skin’s natural regeneration, and its anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory action reduces ageing of the skin” I have enjoyed using this day cream.

Price: R650 – 50ml

Nurturing Night Cream (pictured above)

I applied the night cream every evening after removing my makeup with the Freshening Cleanser. I found the texture of the night cream to be slightly thicker than the day cream but still pleasantly light and easily absorbed into my skin. The smell is quite natural and takes some getting used to after all the artificially scented products I have become accustomed to but it was not unpleasant. As with the day cream the product comes in an airtight pump tube which emits the correct amount needed for one application. This method of product delivery is something all beauty brands should look to embracing. Not only does it prevent wastage and help the consumer save money by using the product until the very end, it also means that the brand no longer needs to use certain preservatives because no contamination occurs in the air-tight package (ie. no dirty fingers are dipping in and out of the pot!)  As I mentioned my face is quite dry so I found myself using 1 and a half pumps per application but I still highly recommend this system. The night cream is “designed to revitalise your skin and provide it with nutrition to maximise the natural regeneration that takes place during the night. Free radicals accumulated during the day are neutralised by anti-oxidants which halts the process of skin ageing induced by exposure to sunlight and environmental stresses. The combination of ingredients firms and actively smoothes your skin while you rest.” What’s not to love?

Price: R650 – 50ml


Should you be someone who does not want traces of chemicals used in cultivation to affect the skin care products you use you might be interested to know more about the Organic Certification for Aquizhen. ECOCERT is the body that certifies all Acquizhen products as organic. The ECOCERT standards apply to the products and to the manufacturing process by which they are made, and also specify respect and transparency towards to the consumer.

Acquizhen products can be purchased via the online store:

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