Achieving Goals Through Journaling

Modern life is busy. If we aren’t careful, we might never achieve our goals. However, many people consistently achieve, and ambitiously move forward with their life goals. What’s the secret to their success? There are a combination of factors and personality traits that make a person ambitious and goal-oriented. One proven activity that can facilitate reaching goals is clearly documenting your progress through journaling. This could be done on paper or electronically, such as in a blog. The point is putting down your thoughts, feelings and goals into a tangible form for measuring progress.

Journaling can also help you to overcome obstacles especially those caused by illness and subsequent time spent in recovery. Many people find that their quality of life is improved by facing and overcoming difficult health challenges including stress and low self-esteem. Maintain a positive attitude by tracking recovery and documenting the road back to health. This is especially important in long-term recovery from Cancer since progress may seem to take a long time.

Everyone wants to look back on their lives and say, “I accomplished all of my goals.” Creating a list of achievements helps you to stay focused on what you wish to accomplish. Journaling or blogging can also help to keep you motivated as you share your goals and plans with others. Mutual inspiration can help both readers and writers to keep moving forward. Setting goals can lead to long term happiness. These goals could include obtaining certain educational degrees, traveling to a list of places or learning a certain skill. Completing one goal often encourages you to move on to the next goal. In this way, a simple catalogue of goals and steps toward reaching them can serve as a driving force in life.

Many find writing to be a fulfilling creative experience. We may not think of writing as something that falls into the same category as painting, playing an instrument or other styles of art. However, writing is a creative experience. Putting thoughts into words gives a sense of accomplishment and helps us work through difficult emotions. There are definitely positive reasons to spend a little time each day journaling.

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Melanie Bowen is a Part-time Blog Contributor for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance and blogs over at Milady Knows

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