Beauty Review: L’Oreal Everstrong Strengthening & Repairing Hair Mask Treatment

Today’s Beauty Review on the L’Oreal Everstrong Strengthening & Repairing Hair Mask Treatment is from Cara Fay


A little backstory when on my hair; it has been bleached, blonde, pink, rose gold and then after all of that it was hacked off by a grumpy hair dresser who was upset that I no longer wanted to experiment with my hair.

Ever since this day, which was 2016 December, I have been in a ‘hate’ relationship with my hair. Mainly because it has all these gross layers from said hairdresser hacking it off because of this it’s been really unmanageable for me, so of course I am trying my best to let it grow without cutting it, which, in turn, means I am left with quite frizzled ends because it really does need a trim, but frankly I am just a bit fearful of the hairdresser..

This past year it has been really tough not knowing how to deal with my hair!

I have quite fine hair, which usually means anything that is very moisturizing makes my hair limp and greasier much faster than normal. The thing with trying to let your hair grow is to kind of leave it alone as much as possible – less heat, less washing.

So for the past few weeks I have been using the L’Oreal EverStrong Strengthening Mask, which has a reinforcing formula that strengthens hair fibres and contains botanical oils that nourish fragile and brittle hair.

The idea behind this thick cream mask is that it deeply penetrates the hair fibre to strengthen and repair the core of damaged hair. Although you can’t reverse hair damage, you can stop it in its tracks and keep it at bay which is what I have found the EverStrong Mask does.

The mask itself is quite a thick cream with a pleasant fresh scent nothing too over-powering or noticeable. I use quite a big dollop of the mask all over my hair whilst in the shower and to save water I wash my hair first put the mask on, then wash my body and, lastly, I wash off the mask.

It leaves my hair feeling smooth, shiny and, even though my hair is fine, it doesn’t tend to weigh it down at all. However I do find that my hair does get greasy about one day sooner than it would without using this, but what I tend to do on this day is apply the mask again, tie my hair up in a bun and then wash that all out in the evening. This just gives my hair an extra injection of moisture.

In terms of strengthening I think it has helped with this because when I wash my hair there are usually little pieces of hair that fall out (hello split ends!) but after using this I have noticed that these little broken pieces are significantly less!

Overall if you are looking for a no fuss hair mask that gives your hair shine and strengthens it I would suggest giving the L’Oreal EverStrong Strengthening Hair Mask Treatment a try!


Words & Images: Cara Fay

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