My 5 Favourite Finds for September

So it’s the end of September – crazy times – which means I’m due to share with you my 5 favourite finds for the month! So without too much chatting let’s get on with the show…

1. L’oreal Extraordinaire Colour Riche® Liquid Lipstick

Since these little lipgloss-like lipsticks landed on my desk I have not been without one for for long. I’m totally loving these – the texture, the smell, the colours, the soft-touch applicator – everything about these has led to a love affair with L’oreal liquid lipstick!

I love the gorgeous colours and the way the product nourishes my lips while still making them look shiny and amazing! Formulated with precious micro-oils and rich colour pigments, Extraordinaire provides the ideal balance of colour and care for lips!

055 (800x533)

2. Workout Wonder from Mio

I’ve mentioned this product before in a previous post but back then I had not know it’s “wonders” for myself. And now I’ve been using it for a few weeks whenever I’ve had some pain in my shoulders and it’s been really great. But it’s not only great to use after working out or sitting in front of a computer for too long, it’s also a great energy shot for your muscles pre-workout! I love the uplifting smell and the tingly cooling feeling that occurs on your skin when you apply it. I’ve really been finding one or two pumps of Workout Wonder has helped to ease the tension in my tight muscles (and it’s been a great excuse for my hubby to give my shoulders a bit of a massage every night!! And I usually end up reciprocating too esp if he’s been playing squash!) (R450 for 100ml)


3. Printed “pyjama” pants from Forever 21

I’ve always been a jeans kinda gal, in the last year or so I’ve been breaking away from the blue hue and getting a few coloured pairs of jeans which I have been loving, but aside from jeans the only other kind of pants I tend to wear are black leggings, until now!

I was lucky enough to attend the opening of the first Forever 21 store in South Africa a few weeks back and at the launch I scouted a pair of printed “pyjama” style pants that appealed to me. I would ordinarily have skipped right over them, but something about the colours captured my attention and I kept going back to them until I decided to take a risk and actually buy something right out of my comfort zone!

And boy am I glad I did. These are by far the most comfortable pants I have ever worn, and quite possible the most stylish and trendy. Fortunately I know they must quite “in” if I bought them at Forever 21! So I’m now on the hunt for similar style pants with pretty patterns to liven up my wardrobe while making be feel super stylish AND comfortable. Let me know if you spot any!! (R375)

037 (800x533)


4. essie nail polish Spring collection

I’ve been really getting into the “spring” of things this month after receiving the very lovely Spring collection of nail polishes from essie. Every few days I’ve been trying out a new shade. So far I’ve really enjoyed the pale pink called Romper Room, then I tried Hide & Go Chic which is the darker blue and then the Nude called Spin the Bottle which is what I’m still wearing. As soon as it starts to look a bit past it’s prime I’ll be sure to test out the next colour in this range. I’m thinking the pretty pale green should be next so keep an eye out on my Instagram feed to see what it turns out like! (From R89.95 – R139 ea)

011 (800x533)


5. Dune Biker Boots

Yes, so I know this isn’t the right season to be talking about boots…. I’m a few months late, but I found these on the Dune shelves at Edgars this month and fell in love with them. I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of short, black, biker boots for the entire winter to no avail until I stumbled across these. They were quite pricey at about R1800 but they are made from the softest leather and I love the edgy buckle and zip detail, they are also so comfortable. And sometimes when you finally find what you’ve been looking for for months it’s worth the extra spend!

Until recently I’ve always worn quite high boots so these have been a revelation as they work really well with leggings and maxi dresses alike which has meant that I have in fact worn them quite a bit in the past month as the weather isn’t 100% summery yet and these have been great for those in-between days when the weather is not sure what it’s doing! (R1895)


What do you think? Like what you see? What has been your favourite find for this month. Maybe it’s a book you’ve read, a coffee shop you’ve visited or a product you’ve tried. I’d love to hear from you so please do leave a comment below!

Images: Kathryn Rossiter

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  1. Blowfish seafood platter last night was brilliant, R99, but I think it is only on Mondays until the end of Sept. Mussels, calamari tubes, line fish, prawns, tenticles, rice, chips and sauteed veggies, with sauces (peri peri and creamy lemon). Wow!!
    Have a pic but am unable to upload it here.

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