My 5 Favourite Finds for October

Yay yay it’s Friday AND the last day of October – how time flies!! So as is the tradition around these parts I will be sharing with you my 5 Favourite Finds for the month of October today…

Let’s get cracking!

1. Nike Free running shoes

This pretty pair of Nike Free Flyknit 4.0’s winged their way to me from over the seas courtesy of the top UK online shoe store, JD Sports, and I am THRILLED with them.

nike jd sports

Aren’t they they sexiest gym shoes you ever did see? I love them – the colour, style and light-weight of them are all perfect. I may not be the biggest runner on the planet (and now my husband is rolling on the floor laughing) BUT even I can see the benefit of these beauties for running – they feel like you’re wearing nothing on your feet at all. I’ve been wearing them for my weekly gym class (I try!) – most recently The Grid at – and I also donned them for the fun that was the Blog Olympics – where they received many compliments!!

nike free flyknit 4.0 pink

This shoe is part of the Crosstown Running range and are designed to let your feet move more freely when running. They are crafted with a pink textile upper that fits around your foot like a sock and helps your muscles to do more work than demanded with usual running shoes! I suppose for avid runners that’s awesome – I’m not too sure. I just like how they look 😉

They cost between 80 – 110 UK pounds on JD Sports which if you convert to rands and then take into account the hefty customs fee on this end probably come in at close to R2500 – R3000. Yikes! If you love them as much as I do then maybe you’ll be prepared to get your hands on them at any cost??


2. Noreva skin products

I was introduced to Noreva, a French range of skin care products, at a recent event and have been using 2 of them every day since…. My skin has been lapping up the Aquareva Moisturising Cream Light. It has a really light texture and feels amazing on my skin, which has been quite dry and dehydrated of late. This cream has been soaking into my skin and leaving it feeling super comfortable. The cream is formulated to replenish dehydrated normal and combination skin by stimulating the main pathways of skin hydration – protect the epidermis, limit water loss, provide extra water, create reservoirs of extra-cellular water & self-regulate natural hydration in the skin. It has hyalronic acid as one of it’s ingredients which is always one to look out for when you’re looking to up the moisture levels of your skin and reduce the signs of aging.

noreva face cream

The Noreva range, available exclusively at Clicks, is great in that it has a product for everyone with any skin concern including acne (Actipur), aging (Noveane), psoriasis (Psoriane), keratosis pilaris (Kerapil), age spots (Iklen), pigmentation (Trio White) and eczema (Xerodiane) – of which the latter is always a concern in our house! I have been really excited to discover their The Nourishing Balm for very dry and atopic skins from Xerodiane range. It has become a fast favourite for my kids – they are loving this “soft” cream as their daily body moisturiser between their eczema flare ups. It’s paraben free and combines moisture sealing agents with a new gradual diffusion technology of active ingredients for long lasting repair and skin comfort. What’s great is that this product is perfect for the whole family as it’s safe for use on babies, kids and adults!

Both these products I have mentioned are available at Clicks for R199.95 each.  Considering how much scientific research has gone in to creating the range of products I think the price is very reasonable.

noreva body lotion


3. The Ship of Brides book by JoJo Moyes

Don’t you just LOVE it when you find an author that you adore… one that already has written quite a few books that you now have the pleasure of going back and enjoying. It’s the best! As I’ve shared previously I love reading but since becoming a mom and a blogger this interest has fallen to the bottom of the list of priorities for my time. (And if per chance I have a free evening I usually opt for the easy option of watching the latest episode of whatever series my husband and I are enjoying at that time!!) So, reading, well it only tends to happen on holiday now. And fortunately I had one of those recently….

4 days was just the perfect amount of time to get stuck into the world of another time and place with this lovely book by JoJo Moyes. The Ship of Brides is right up my alley when it comes to stories. I loved this book. Set in Australia in 1946 – the year after the end of World War 2 – the book follows the story of the 650 brides who are departing for England to meet the men they married in wartime. War and romance = two of my favourite genres!

ship of brides

On the sun-baked decks, old loves and past promises become distant memories, and tensions are stretched to the limit as brides and husbands change their minds. And for Frances Mackenzie, one bride in particular, it soon becomes clear that sometimes the journey is more important than the destination.

I really recommend this book if you’re looking for something light, but not too fluffy, for your next read. I’m definitely heading back to the book shelves to stock up on another one of JoJo’s books to take with on my next trip! Anyone read her other books and willing to point me in the right direction for my next pick? Please tell me in the comments below! (R187.00 on Loot)


4. Kids pajamas from Edgars

With my kids skin issues I’m always having to check the labels of the clothes I buy them to make sure they are 100% cotton, and I can’t tell you how often I’ve had to return items I thought were cotton by feel and found out at home they weren’t! So frustrating! Anyway I was well pleased with the discovery that Edgars have a great selection of kids summer pj’s… most are 100% cotton (just check the label) and they come with a great variety of designs for girls and boys of all ages. I bought my kids 2 pairs each. Barbie and Disney princesses for my princess and a blue car design and Mickey Mouse for my 8 year old

edgars kids pjs


5. Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy Nails

I loved these Revlon nail polishes so much and have been wearing the bright pink (Hot Hand) on my toe nails for weeks now, but I decided to not just tell you myself but get my sister-in-law, a model, actress and makeup artist who really knows her stuff, to try them too and do a quick review… Take it away Kirsten!

Revlon Gel Envy Nail colours

The colours I have been given to try are The Diamond Top coat , Full house ( a bright turquoise blue ) and Full House ( a dark Sparkly Indigo).

I have had Full House on my nails for four days now and it is still going strong! This nail varnish glides on smoothly and sets really quickly! I love the fact that the nail colour includes a base coat, which saves you the extra time of applying a basecoat , waiting for it to dry and then applying your couple of layers of nail colour. For the best results, two layers of this nail varnish is sufficient.

Revlon Gel Envy Nails

On my toes I am wearing Showtime.  Being  more of a sheer sparkly nail varnish I have had to apply three coats, but once the desired amount of nail colour has been applied the colour pay off is great.

I was very impressed with the Diamond Top Coat, not only did it set very quickly but my nails were left with an incredible high gloss finish. It also serves as a protective coat for the nail colour. This new range from Revlon comes in a great variety of colours and I will definitely be trying some more. (R99.95 each)


So there you have it – my 5 Favorite Finds for the month. What did you love from my list – will you be trying any of my suggestions? Also I’d love to hear what you new favourite finds are… so leave a comment below!


Diclosure: 1 – 1; 2 – 1; 3 – 0; 4 – 1; 5 – 1
Images: Nike & Kathryn Rossiter.

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  1. Love the shoes…anything pink and I’m sold:)

    Where did you find that nail polish range? That Showtime colour looks stunning on your nails!

    1. These nail polishes have been amazing – the colour lasts so well! Def envy-inducing 😉

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