My 5 Favourite Finds for November 2016

My 5 Favourite Finds series is one of the most fun to put together.

Each month I keep a little list on my desk of things that have been catching my eye or drawing me to them day after day.

They might be items I’ve bought, read, stumbled across or been sent.

The idea is that this is a mixed bag of things that make me happy and I think they might do the same for you!


Here are My 5 Favourite Finds for the month of November


1. Tweezerman 10x lighted mirror


This hand little mirror from Tweezerman was quite frightening at first… who really wants to see their pores and facial hairs at 10x zoom??? BUT I have fallen in love with it. It has made my eyebrow maintenance 10x easier and faster.

With the ultra bright, clear close up and the light for extra clarity, this is a super handy beauty tool. The 10x magnification helps you see everything you’ve been missing, allowing you to zap even the tiniest hairs for a much more precise shape. It’s also a great tool for applying makeup and inserting contact lenses. It comes with 3 x little suckers meaning that you can attached it to any smooth surface surface in your bathroom or bedroom, but it’s also really compact so you can take it with when you travel. I won’t be using another mirror again for tweezing my strays! The mirror retails for R300 at all Dis-chem stores.


2. Brita Water Carafe Filter


Summer always equals a lot more entertaining for me…

We love having people round and spending lazy afternoons relaxing around a table enjoying a few laughs. Our new patio area is a complete win and we are LOVING it so much! (Room reveals coming soon, I promise!)

One thing I love having when entertaining is a small side table filled with a drinks tray set out with glasses, an ice bucket and a variety of soft drinks for the kids or the adults to enjoy between glasses of wine! Unfortunately our fridge water bottle was always a really unsightly plastic bottle that ruined the look of the pretty tray!

Fortunately Brita recently sent me one of the gorgeous new Fill & Serve Mind Water Carafe Filter to try out…. What a win! This is a beautiful and functional item that I have been using every day since.

Slim enough to fit in the door of our fridge, yet beautiful enough to put on the table during an alfresco meal, this new Brita carafe is ideal for summer entertaining. Plus it has the added bonus of it’s Micro Disc filter that can filter up to 150 litres of water during it’s lifetime.

Made from Tritan plastic, it won’t break and is lightweight and easy to hold and pour. If you hate the taste of tap water or like to drink filtered water for it’s health benefits (less chlorine for example) then you will love this elegant water carafe. Available from,, Makro and select Pick Pay stores for R499.


3. Safari Moisturising Sunscreen Family Fun Size Pack


Sunscreen is such an important step in your everyday skincare routine and should really become just that – routine! Living in South Africa, you can’t afford to step outside without slapping on some sunscreen.

But the reality is that sometimes we forget…. Enter these 5 little trial size (20ml) sunscreens from Safari! Since I’ve received these I’ve been keeping one in my handbag, one in my car, another in my husband’s car and one in my son’s school bag so he can reapply before sport!

They are ideal for keeping in convenient places so that you can never have an excuse to not wear sunscreen again!

Safari sunscreen is made for South African skins, exposed to the South African sun. This product protects against UVA and UVB rays and keeps skin hydrated. The formula is also really comfortable and feels really moisturising while not being greasy. It has been created to nourish and protect skin from the harmful effects of UV exposure including sunburn, skin cancer and premature aging.

Safari SPF40+ has no colourants or fragrances so it’s ideal for delicate, sensitive skin and it doesn’t cause breakouts. This sunscreen has been formulated with beneficial properties for the skin so that it can even be used as a daily moisturiser.

Did you know: Wearing daily sunscreen can help to prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

NB: Sunscreen is only your first defence against burning, it’s still always a good idea to stay out of the sun at midday and to wear hats with wide brims and protective clothing that covers the skin. Dry, dark and tightly woven fabrics offer the best protection. Always remember to reapply sunscreen every 3 hours.


4. The Crown series on Netflix

As an avid Downton Abbey fan, I was devastated when the series came to an end last year and have been mourning the loss ever since.

I’ve dabbled in a few series (The Tudors being the best I’ve found so far), but then this past month I discovered my best replacement yet… The Crown. Available exclusively on Netflix, this new series was launched in the first week of November and I was quick to spot it… and got completely hooked!

The Crown focuses on Queen Elizabeth II as a 25-year-old newlywed faced with the daunting prospect of leading the world’s most famous monarchy while forging a relationship with legendary Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill. The British Empire is in decline, the political world is in disarray, and a young woman takes the throne….

The script goes behind-the-scenes of Buckingham Palace (and all the other Royal palaces) to take a look at the current Queen’s private journey behind the public facade.

I’m loving this look into life in post-war Britain, in fact another one of my fave series ever is Call the Midwife which takes place in the exact same era!! This one is rather more glam… exquisite dresses, hunting expeditions, lush countryside estate, Princess Margaret, international tours, rugged Prince Phillip etc

It is fascinating to get a glimpse into their personalities and problems…. Just like us really! In fact probably more complicated….

The show’s creator, Peter Morgan, wrote Oscar-winning The Queen which starred Helen Mirren and it was during his research for that movie that he came up with the idea of The Crown. I’m so glad he did! I’ve just finished all 10 episodes of the first season and I can’t wait for the next. Fortunately it’s the top ranked TV series on IMDB at the moment so I don’t think I’m the only new fan! YAY at least that means a second season should be happening soon. Let’s hope they make it all the way to season 10 as they have planned. I’ll definitely be watching!

Watch the trailer here to find out what all the fuss is about…


5. Full piece navy swimming costume from Pick n Pay clothing

I’ve been looking for a new flattering full piece swimming costume… It’s freakin’ hard! You know the drill. NOTHING is more humilating than trying on swimsuits in a changing room. Those lights. Those mirrors. Aaaaarrggghhh. It’s horrific.

Except I finally found on that I like at Pick n Pay clothing just before heading off on my first ever cruise aboard the MSC Sinfonia last week!!


Hop over to my Instagram to see more about what I got up to on the cruise or watch my Facebook live videos



Disclosure: 1 – 1; 2 – 1; 3 – 1; 4 – 0; 5 – 0

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