My 5 Favourite Finds for November 2015

Oh goodness I’ve fallen WAAAAAY behind on this series. Huge apologies. Life got in the way.


Anyway I’ll try my best to catch up this month with Dec & Jan too…. so just excuse the barage of “My Favourite Finds” posts over the next few weeks if you will!


Right let’s get on with it… My 5 Favourite Finds for the month of November!


1. DOVE Advanced Hair Series Pure Care Dry Oil

dove pure care dry oil

My hair has been taking a bit of a beating this summer and has been feeling dry and brittle which is why I’ve been soaking up this new Dry Oil conditioner from Dove. It contains Macadamia oil that helps to smooth my hair and leaves it feeling softer and looking shinier. The oil is quickly absorbed and doesn’t leave my hair feeling greasy at all, plus it smells amazing!


2. Saint and Summer Dandy sandals in white

saint and summer sandals

These sandals came to me by way of my lovely friend Lana and I’m ever so grateful… as I’ve been pretty much living in them this summer! I’ve tried other sandals from the Saint & Summer range and unfortunately not all of them have worked out for my feet, but this particular pair of Dandy sandals (with it’s dainty ankle strap) have been just the ticket! I think they work because they are attached to my feet and I don’t have to clench my toes to keep them on (which can cause foot cramp like no other!) I love the white and silver colour combo of this pair which has proved to be very versatile as far as summer shoes go and they are made from washable “jelly” PVC which also make them great for summer. R399 (currently on sale for R299!)



3. Fire and Ice Inferno

fire and ice


How gorgeous is this press drop firstly??!! Yes chocolates inspired by the ingredients in the fragrances. So clever! Now Revlon’s Fire & Ice isn’t exactly a new discovery in terms of fragrances having been around since 1994 BUT there are now two new intoxicating scents being added to the range…

Fire & Ice Inferno is my personal favourite and the one that makes this list of 5 favourite finds for the month. With notes of orange blossom, bergamot, jasmine, exotic patchouli, sandalwood and musk, it’s a seductive scent that evokes power and passion. I love it’s fresh scent and have been finding myself wearing it on days when I want to feel sexy and confident.

Fire & Ice Radiance is the other new scent to be launched. With top notes of green apple, peach and lemon, heart notes of jasmine and rose and drydown of cedarwood, white musk and amber this is a feminine scent, perfect for day or night!

The two new scents join the existing Fire & Ice Classic and Fire & Ice Cool which have all been repackaged. All the scents are available as an Eau de Toilette, Perfumed Body Spray, Perfumed Body Lotion and Roll-on. (From R20.95 – R289.00)


4. Beauty Fix radiant Makeup finish

beauty fix

This summer heat has been getting to me something crazy… which is why this gorgeous refreshing spritzer called Beauty Fix has been not far from reach recently. Marketed as a makeup finisher it’s equally awesome as a mid-morning perker-up and a late afternoon reviver. It’s made with 100% natural products such as rosewater, aloe vera and cucumber extract and is hydrating and nourishing at the same time. (R200)


5. Caribbean Tan Cinnamon & Coconut smoothing exfoliator

carribean tan exfoliator

Everyone who’s tried self-tan before knows that it can be a risky business… no one wants to walk around uber-orange, patchy or peeling right?? Well I recently discovered the secret of self-tan…. and it’s not even self-tan at all. It’s exfoliating!! Yes, to ensure a long-lasting, un-patchy self-tan you need to spend some time prepping the surface of your skin to be able to soak up the product and leave you looking lush for much longer! This Cinnamon and Coconut concoction from Carribbean Tan is certainly one of the best! A natural sugar exfoliator that helps to remove dead skin cells to create the perfect canvas for your tan, this is infused with jojoba oil. It’s easy to use in the shower, adds extra nourishment and moisture to your skin and smells completely delicious! If you’re a fan of self-tan invest in this now. (R49.95)



There you have it. The products that stood out for me in November (and they really did…. I saved all the pics of my fave finds back then but just didn’t get around to finishing off the draft!!)


Stay tuned for my top picks for Dec and Jan coming soon!!


Images: Kathryn Rossiter via Instagram (for more follow me on @becomingyou)


Disclosure: 1 – 1; 2 – 0; 3 – 1; 4 – 1; 5 – 1

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  1. Thanks, always love this feature of yours! Going to definitely go get that Dove conditioner and the Caribbean exfoliator – have you tried the actual self-tan?a

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