My 5 Favourite Finds for May 2014

It’s that time of the month again – My Favourite Finds and this month I’ve got a few goodies to share with you….

1. Chunky Knit from Tom Tailor at Edgars

It being the coldest week of the year so far I’ve been pretty much living in this chunky cream jersey. It is unlike any South African jersey because it is from Europe – and they KNOW how to dress when it’s snowing!!

292 (683x1024)

I’ve had so many people complement me on this jersey in the past week. It’s super soft and cuddly and I can’t wear anything else in this weather. So warm! Not only is it practical, it’s also pretty! I’m a big fan of the Tom Tailor brand (my husband even more so!) and know that every item I buy from their range will be great quality and make me look like I know what I’m doing when it comes to fashion! At R899 it wasn’t cheap but then quality never is! And as I’ve got older I’ve definitely become more discerning when it comes to my clothing purchases. Less = more. Quality vs Quantity etc etc. And Tom Tailor offer just that. What I also really like is that it’s quite an exclusive brand. You won’t find it at every Edgars and even then they only receive 1 of each size in certain items so you won’t find every second person wearing the same piece as you! If you’re looking for great casual fashion that will last and look stylish then head over to Tom Tailor stands at selected Edgars stores. See stockists here.

2. Paris Tan Jean Kelly pumps

When it comes to shoes I pretty much live in pumps – I do own heels but they are only for very special occasions when I will be sitting down for the majority of the evening – yes I know, what is the point! Anyway I digress. I’m all about the pumps – not only are they easy to wear, look great without trying too hard and super versatile (think dresses, jeans, skirts, leggings etc) you can also run in them – and THIS is the main criteria for shoes once you are a mom. (Fashion tip for those who’ve let themselves go a bit since the arrival of the mom title – yes you can RUN in running shoes too but really they are only meant for running! or gym) So over the past few years I’ve been trying out all the various ballet pumps I could get my hand on. I sampled a variety of colourful & very cheap fabric styles from Pick n Pay clothing, bought a pair from CottonOn and a few from the Woolies range and although I might still buy a few of the latter stockist I have now most definitely found the PERFECT pair of pumps and am very keen to make this range my preferred pump provider 😉

093 (1024x683)

Yes the Jean Kelly range of leather ballet flats is unbeatable. The leather is super soft and they are SO comfortable to wear with a decent amount of padding in  the sole so you don’t feel every stone you stand on! Another important point is that the back is high enough for the shoe to stay on your foot without sliding up and down.

My Paris Tan pair are quite simply my new favourite shoes and I’m sure they will be for year s to come. Now I just need one in every colour! (R399)

3. Bobbi Brown eyeshadow palette – Smokey Cool Eye

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the beauty that is this eyeshadow palette from Bobbi Brown! It looks so amazing I could hardly bring myself to use it… I am totally in love with this product. I love the Bobbi Brown brand but so far have only ever tried her mascara (see review here) due to the price!! So when I received this beautiful palette as a goodie bag gift at a recent Stuttafords beauty event I was blown away and so thrilled to have another item from this gorgeous brand!

115 (1024x683)

109 (1024x683)

116 (1024x683)

See what I mean – so pretty!

The Bobbi Brown Smokey Cool Eye Palette contains six eyeshadows with a variety of finishes – from matte to sparkle in a neutral colour range.  These are:

Ivory – a pale white with a matte finish. A fairly good color payoff with a soft texture.

Graphite – a pale, muted peach-brown with a shimmer. The “sparkle” finish gives a sheerer finish that’s very sparkly.

Smokey Grey – a warm-toned, taupe with a soft, frosted finish. The colour payoff was semi-opaque and the texture is quite dry.

Truffle – a pale pinky-beige with a matte finish. A classic nude with a powdery texture.

Platinum – a golden beige with a sparkle with a semi-sheer finish.

Caviar – a medium-dark black/ gray with a matte finish. A great colour for a night time smokey eye look!

The palette also comes with a lovely double sided Bobbi Brown application brush too! Definitely a must-have palette for anyone – from makeup newbie to professional makeup artist! (R560)


4. Jersey de-baller from Woolworths

After purchasing my first little de-fuzzer a few years back I can’t understand how anyone gets through winter without one! It really is the most magical little tool that helps to keep your jerseys and knitwear looking great all winter long. I came across this one last week as I was whizzing through Woolworths and grabbed it immediately. You’ll soon realize that these items are like gold – they only appear on the shelves at the start of winter and then are snapped up so quickly by the well informed that you can never get them when you need them! Even though my other little one still works well I knew I should get this as backup and at the price of R85 (plus my 20% Woolies card discount) I didn’t think I could go too wrong! Plus the design of the Woolworths de-fuzzing device seems far more sturdy and comfortable to use.

102 (1024x683)

And let met tell you – if you’re feeling stressed out and need to zone out of life for a while there is NOTHING that beats an hour of defuzzing the little balls off your jerseys – preferably with a cup of tea in a spot of sunshine! It is so therapeutic – or maybe that’s me giving away too many of my oddities! Anyway definitely one of my fave purchases this month! See how easy to please I am 😉


5. Scandal – the TV series

Nothing makes me happier on a cold winter’s night than watching a great TV series – add in a fire, a cosy blanket, a cup of something warm and my husband and it really is one of my favourite places on earth! Over the past month we have got really hooked on Scandal (also known as The Fixer in SA).

Scandal is an American political thriller television series starring Kerry Washington. The show takes place in Washington, D.C. and focuses on Olivia Pope’s crisis management firm, Olivia Pope & Associates (aka The Fixers), and its staff (Her Gladiators), as well as staff at the White House. It was created by Shonda Rhimes (of Grey’s Anatomy fame) and partially based on former George H.W. Bush administration press aide Judy Smith, who serves as a co-executive producer.

I’m a bit of a series addict so once I start I just can’t stop which means we are racing through the show rapidly. Fortunately we have a lot to catch up on as we have only just started series 3! Have you watched the show? What do you think? Any other series to recommend to help fill the hole I will have when it’s over?


Images: 1 – 7: Kathryn Rossiter; 8 – Scandal

Disclosure: 1 – 1; 2 – 1; 3 – 1; 4 – 0; 5 – 0


Kathryn Rossiter

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  1. The ” Bobbi Brown eyeshadow palette – Smokey Cool Eye”… is it available at all Bobbi Brown stores? And how much did you pay for it? 😀 Would love to get my hands on that palette too!

  2. Just bought a de-fuzzer at dischem. Didnt know it was on special at woolies. But i love it and it is quite therapeutic!

  3. Thanks for sharing these. I really enjoyed reading it will definitely check out those jeankelly shoes!

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