My 5 Favourite Finds for March 2017

I love sharing my 5 favourite finds with you each month and this March I’ve got some goodies to tell you about!

Expect beauty, health, hair products and an incredible movie…


1. Lion movie

I’d heard about this movie a few times but not really done too much research into it… but when the urge to watch a really good movie struck something told me that this would be a good one… And, boy, was I right!

Lion is the best movie I’ve watched this year, possibly for the past few years.

It’s the story of a small Indian boy who gets separated from his family and then lost…. for 25 years! His journey takes him through the slums of Calcutta to the island of Tasmania.

An incredibly moving story that needs to be watched, and felt. Because you will FEEL this movie. It’s one of those that hits you hard and stay with you for weeks afterwards.

Watch the trailer for a bit more of what to expect…


2. Tangle Teezer The Ultimate Hairbrush

This brush landed on my desk at the end of last year and went straight onto my dressing table, and hasn’t left! It’s a new hair brush from hairbrush heroes, Tangle Teezer, and this one is specifically for styling and brushing long hair.

As one can expect from a Tangle Teezer, it’s incredibly gentle on your hair. No pulling, tugging or breaking of your hair. Just smooth strokes that glide through the hair all the while smoothing it and eliminating frizz

The longer teeth and softer tips of The Ultimate Hairbrush from Tangle Teezer allow you to create salon-worthy styles.  Created for dry styling, the innovative brush features specially aligned teeth that glide effortlessly through strands without discomfort, whilst smoothening the hair’s cuticles for a frizz-free, ultra-glossy finish.

The brush also feels really comfortable to use and it’s super light and fits perfectly in the hand. This brush is also known to be ideal for maintaining hair extensions, clip-ins and weaves.




3. Revlon Insta-blush

I think blush is one of the most under-rated makeup products. Nothing gives your face more life than a sweep of blusher on your cheeks… This new cream stick blush, Insta-Blush from Revlon, is one of my new faves.

A pretty pink, Berry Kiss, gives a sheer, subtle colour in a sweep. The formula is creamy upon application and really easy to blend and build. Once it’s applied it feels powder soft and looks very natural. It contains mica-coated pigments to diffuse light, leaving cheeks looking naturally flushed!

Available in 4 shades to create the look you desire – Nude Kiss, Berry Kiss, Rose Gold Kiss and Candy Kiss. Available at Clicks, Dis-chem and leading pharmacies and retail stores for R220ea.



4. Team Dr Joseph Supreme Repair Well-Aging Serum

I’ve been trying out this serum from Team Dr Joseph and really loving it. I can’t yet say if the Well-Aging Serum is going to make me more youthful after just a few weeks of use but what I can say is that I’ve been enjoying the process of using this product.

Since I’ve started using it I’ve been applying it every morning and every night before my moisturiser and I love it’s light texture that sinks into my skin really quickly.

This Italian-made serum is made from 100% natural ingredients, many from organic sources, all which are combined to care for aging skin and promise to deliver deep-working actives to the skin.


5. Olgani Toothpaste

We’re on the hunt for the best natural toothpaste out there and recently this one from Olgani came across our path…

It’s very different from other toothpastes, and took some getting used to, but since we’ve switched we’ve found that we are really enjoying this natural toothpaste.

Olgani is a South African company that provides a range of all-natural toothpastes and mouth washes that use 100% natural and edible ingredients, and are safe for use by both children and adults. The products are free from glycerine, fluoride, sweeteners, foaming agents, artificial preservatives, dyes, artificial anti-bacterial agents and artificial flavours, so that you can ensure that your teeth are well cared for – without contaminating your body with harmful chemicals.

It also contains no Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS is a popular foaming agent that’s really not good for you!), Glycerine, Titanium Dioxide or Flouride on the ingredients list (studies in the US have shown that the flouride is actually toxic when it’s ingested)


These toothpastes have a very salty taste to them. Initially the taste takes some getting used to… and you might be tempted to pack them away… but push through! After a few days of use I didn’t really mind the saltiness at all. You might even find that your “old” commercial toothpastes taste really harsh and “burny” when you use them. Another aspect to use used to when using this toothpaste is that there is no foaming in your mouth… because it contains no SLS (that foaming agent I mentioned before). SLS is really is an ingredient you want to avoid in ALL beauty products as it’s commonly found in industrial cleaning agents like engine degreaser! It’s been known to cause skin, scalp and gum irritation.

There are two different varients – the Herbal Refreshing Toothpaste and the Mineral Rich Evening Toothpaste (to use at night)
The latter is designed specifically for use at night to help increase the amount of minerals in your saliva, aiding the natural process of remineralisation for your tooth enamel. There’s also a Kids Fruity Orange Toothpaste which I haven’t tried yet but will adding to my own online shopping basket next time!


The toothpastes are all child-friendly, vegan-friendly and safe to swallow!



Visit the Olgani website for more about founder, Olga Niemkiewicz’s, story.

Olgani’s toothpastes cost approximately R55 – R65 each and are available in Clicks stores (I spotted them in my local one just yesterday!) as well as on Faithful-To-Nature. You can also find a list of stockists across South Africa here.





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