My 5 Favourite Finds for July

It’s the last day of the month which means it’s time for me to share My 5 Favourite Finds for the month. So without wasting any more time here are my top 5 finds for July…

1. Kelso Basics range of 100% cotton t-shirts

At the start of winter I did a bit of a wardrobe audit to establish what items I need to purchase to get me through the colder months and an area I was really lacking was long sleeved t-shirts. Every morning I seem to go straight for this pile now that temperatures have dropped and as it was not very big to begin with I kept finding I didn’t have one to wear. So I made it my mission to buy a few new long sleeved tops and tees. I always prefer to wear cotton against my skin to help prefer sticky/ stinky situations as it is more breathable and less itchy than any polyester blend. As luck would have it I discovered a range of wonderfully soft cotton tops at Edgars. The Kelso basic range has a great variety of styles – long and short sleeved, scoop and v-necked, prints and plain – all in an assortment of colours. On my first trip I chose 2 short sleeved t-shirts in different shades of blue and navy and then on a second trip I stocked up on the much needed long sleeved t-shirts in black, white, teal, green & aqua. As you can see I like blues and greens and usually opt for plain over patterned but I’m trying to branch out. Maybe next time I’ll break out and go for a something with a graphic or print – they have some really cute designs too! I really have been enjoying having a few new options to wear under my jerseys and I love how soft and light the fabric is plus at R89.99 for the long sleeved version the price is pretty good too. You might even find a few on their 50% off sale!


2. Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg

I’ve been hearing a lot of people mentioning Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In but hadn’t done too much research into what it was about. As she is a high flying career woman (COO of Facebook) I thought it was aimed at very corporate business women and then not for me as a part-time blogger/ mom/ writer BUT I noticed one of my best friends reading it a few weeks back and mentioned I would like to take a look when she was finished. And I’m so glad I did. I’m not yet finished but from what I’ve read already there is so much knowledge and value insight in this book that I really recommend all women (and men) pick it up and have a read. What she has to say about how we as woman sabotage ourselves is really interesting and it’s certainly made me look at the working world differently and inspired me to “lean in” I’ve even joined a “Lean In” group!! (R245 on Loot)



3. Hydra Body Complex from Solal Technologies

Hydra Body Complex is a non-greasy moisturising body cream which contains sea broom algae to stimulate the production of collagen and improve the skin’s connective tissue and firmness which means it is excellent to use on areas prone to cellulite or sagging! It also contains an ingredient that hydrates the skin fifty times more than regular hyaluronic acid plus avocado oil to moisturise, soften and nourish the skin. I was recently introduced to this range of products – I had always known them to be a supplement / vitamin company – but from what I’ve heard they have put huge amounts of research into their range of products and they all sound really exciting (even if the packaging isn’t!) From what I’ve experienced with this cream I am super keen to sample more of their range and feedback! (R145)hydra-body-complex_1

4. The range of Sasol Southern African Wildlife books for kids

You might have read a few of my Kruger for Kids diaries which will explain my excitement at this next find. Apparently these books have actually been around for a few years so apologies if you know of their existence but I am really pleased with this discovery. We first found out about the book of Animal Tracks while staying at our first lodge near the Kruger – some fellow travelers from Australia (with kids in their 20’s) had bought this book on their way through the airport and showed my kids – each page featured a different African animal with the life-size tracks or “spoor”. I was gutted that I hadn’t seen it BEFORE our arrival as it was such an amazing resource for my kids to learn from.

Anyway coming home I tried the airport book store to no avail and then about a week after returning to Cape Town I popped in at my local Exclusive Books and found a few varieties that I didn’t realise were also part of the series. Not only do they have one with Animal Tracks but also Southern African Wildlife, Birds, Insects, Reptiles, Ocean life, Mammals, Creepy Crawlies etc. As I have two kids I opted to buy two books and realised that the My First Book of Southern African Wildlife was a bit bigger and more expensive but covered the Mammals, Birds, Insects and Snakes & Reptiles in one book. The book is really informative for kids with a short paragraph about each animal including lovely illustrations of each animal and more facts about their food, their spoor, living habitat and whether they are nocturnal or poisonous etc. My son got really into spotting birds in the bird book on our holiday so this is a lovely way to encourage his interest as the info for each animal is easy for new readers to read themselves. A bonus is that the paragraphs are repeated at the end of the page in Afrikaans, Zulu and Xhosa!

I am really chuffed with this find and I can’t wait to go on another trip to the bush so we can actually use this resource in the right environment – for now my kids will just have to do some studying so they are experts on the next trip! (R98 and R226)

sasol books

5. My new 27 Pinkx perspex organizer

A while ago I blogged about the awesomeness that was my new perspex makeup organizer, well lucky me was sent another gorgeous 3-drawer organizer from the lovely girls at 27 Pinkx. Initially I wondered if there was a need for 2 organizers but after a few minutes I realised the error of my ways – you can never have enough organization especially on my dressing table… But I did decide to use it in a slightly different way to the usual makeup organizer. I opted to sort out my jewellery which is usually all over the show. My necklaces are draped over one another making it impossible to get the one I need, my bangles balance precariously on top of my earring stand, my rings are scattered all over the show across a number of different jewellery boxes. In short – it is now pretty! And this means I hardly ever wear my beautiful baubles! So I set about using these little drawers as a place to put everything – and after about an hour I felt so very proud of my amazing organization SKILLS!

Now I was foolish and didn’t take a “Before” picture for the maximum impact of my transformation but I did take an “After” picture and it is a sight to behold – please appreciate the beauty that is my newly organized jewellery in easy to see and access drawers! Happiness is… Thanks 27Pinkx. I’m one happy, organized girl.


Disclosure: 1 – 1; 2 – 0; 3 – 1; 4 – 0; 5 – 1


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