My 5 Favourite Finds for January 2017 (Budget Edition!)

January is never kind to the bank balance is it?

With the school holidays, time away, Christmas gifts and family outings a distant memory and the stationery, school uniforms and extra mural payments a more recent one, it’s a wonder that any of us have any month left by the last week of the month. I don’t think I’m alone in saying that pay day can’t come soon enough!!

So in the spirit of frugalism I thought I’d share my Budget Edition 5 Favourite Finds this month…

These are the items I’ve been enjoying this month, mostly because they’re kind to my wallet, but also because they are great value and worth every cent!


1. Spot Treatment from the Purifying range of African Extracts products


This little tube of cream from African Extracts Rooibos has become one of my go-to beauty products recently, well, whenever I have a pimple appearing out of nowhere!! It contains bio-active rooibos, boabab, buchu, salicylic acid (to unblock pores) and tea tree oil (known for it’s anti-bacterial properties) Plus this brand is endorsed by Beauty without Cruelty which means it doesn’t test on animals! Only R59.99 from Clicks, Dischem, Pick n Pay, Spar, Shoprite and Checkers












2. Revlon Ultimate All-In-One Mascara

revlon mascara

For most of last year I wore eyelash extensions and my need for a mascara was non-existent. I loved it BUT after months of continual wear I noticed that my natural lashes were taking a hit and looking rather sparse so I opted to take a break to let them revive. This meant that I had to start wearing mascara again. Not an easy transition when you’ve been used to not worrying about Panda eyes for months! Let me tell you that the hunt for the perfect mascara is a real one. Although I’m sure you know that already! It’s not easy to find one that just works – brush size, lengthening formula, long-wearing, smudge free etc etc. Fortunately I think I might have found The One! and the bonus is that it’s a pretty affordable price too! Last year Revlon simplifed their mascara and launched a portfolio of only 5 mascaras all created specifically to match the top lash benefits we as the consumers require. These 5 unique mascaras and brushes promise to meet our needs of Volume, Length, Definition and Volume & Length but my favourite is the Ultimate All-in-One™ Mascara. This All-in-One mascara features all 5 lash transforming benefits that you want all at once.

  • Volume
  • Length
  • Definition
  • Lift
  • Intense Colour

I’ve been enjoying the mini-sized brush as it allows me to get access to every lash (albeit with a few extra sweeps)and found that the handle is really comfortable to use. The brush has a hollow core designed to deposit formula for maximum impact and the difference in my lashes is unbelievable! R144.95


3. Books by Liane Moriarty

So I basically only get time to read when I go on holiday… as a working/ blogging mom I don’t think I’m alone. I do try to read a few pages before putting out the light each night but I never get further than 1 and then I have to re-read that one again and again for weeks on end to try to remind myself each time what’s going on! Anyway I very slowly made my way through all the JoJo Moyes books (including her latest short stories) and then felt quite bereft that I no longer had a favourite author with books to look forward to… Enter Liane Moriarty! A friend had lent me 2 of her books WAAAAAY back in May (or June, I forget!) and they sat unread (and travelled with me round Indonesia) Basically I sat on them for months. Until, finally, these past December holidays I picked one up and couldn’t put it down! The first one I read was Big Little Lies (currently being made into an HBO TV Series starring Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman & Shailene Woodley!) As luck would have it the couple we were camping with happened to be reading the exact same book and it was a great coincidence because the book demanded to be discussed and I could do that with both of them the whole way through (provided we were on the same chapter!! No spoilers allowed!) Anyway, it was a gripping read all about school yard bullying in Australia – but it could have been South Africa! I then moved on to The Husband’s Secret which again was GREAT! After returning home I discovered I had actually read one of Liane’s first books, The Last Anniversary, in a previous book club and then I went on the hunt for more…

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 4.15.18 PM

This Australian author has written 7 internationally best-selling novels and the ones I now need to get my hands on are Three Wishes, What Alice Forgot, The Hypnotist’s Love Story and her latest, Truly, Madly, Guilty. Fortunately my local library has What Alice Forgot so that’s the one I’m starting next! Bonus: borrowing books from the library is FREE. I haven’t visited in ages but I now have a Grade 1 raring to read so I’m popping in more frequently! All I need now is to find some time to read myself!! Bring back the holidays…


4. Sparrow Society collaboration special gift 

So this item isn’t a “cheap” bargain… BUT what you do get is a complete bargain so it makes the cut!

For the next few weeks Elizabeth Arden have partnered with Sparrow Society, a South African non-profit that aims to create an equal community via job creation initiatives. Kate Senekal, the founder, empowers women in the townships of Gugulethu, Masiphumelele and Philippi by making use of their craftmanship and design skills to create bags, candles, jewellery and more. The aim of Sparrow Society is to empower disadvantaged communities by training and guiding these talented women helping to provide them with a revenue stream.

They have created the most gorgeous screen printed make-up bags that are 100-percent proudly South African (with the exception of the zip that comes from Swaziland!)

To get your hands on one of these pretties PLUS 3 full size Elizabeth Arden best sellers all you need to do is buy any two Elizabeth Arden products (one of which must be a moisturiser, serum or foundation) at select stores

16 January – 5 February 2017 at Foschini stores
16 February – 6 March 2017 at Truworths stores
12 April – 3 May 2017 at Edgars and Red Square stores


So, what’s in the bag? A must-have beauty icon – a full-size Eight Hour Cream plus a Grand Entrance mascara for feathery-looking lashes  and a 15ml Always Red EDT – the ideal size for keeping in your makeup up purse (by Sparrow Society of course!) These 3 products alone are valued at R785 (offer limited to one per customer) so don’t miss out on this great collab!


5. My kaftan

You may have already spotted my next favourite find in a few of my previous posts as it’s become my most worn item this summer season…


My kaftan was a very last minute purchase on my very last day in Indonesia – I basically just grabbed it because I loved the colours! And it’s proved to be a hit!

I took it with us on our cruise from Durban to Mozambique and didn’t need to wear anything else besides it and my swimsuit (Read my tips on buying a flattering swimsuit here). Then I took it camping over the holidays and, once again, wore it to death. It’s not the best quality BUT it’s light and cool while still covering up the bits that need covering while sitting by the pool or next to the river or on the beach. I think I paid about US$5 for it. I can’t really recall but I know it was super cheap. Only problem is that you’d have to fork out for a flight to Bali for it… Sorry! Although that’s not a bad idea!! Bali is beautiful!

Anyway, what I can recommend is that you keep an eye out for similar style kaftans in the stores here. I found another very similar one at Cotton On a few weeks back AND it was marked down! I do love a good bargain and the end of a summer is a great time to stock up for next year. Moms or those on the other side of 35 – you need one of these items in your life –> it changed my summer and made me enjoy it a whole lot more!


What were your favourite finds over the summer holidays?

Any bargain buys to add to my 5 Favourite Finds – Budget Edition??


Leave me a comment below! I always love to hear from you


K xx



Disclosure: 1 – 0; 2 – 1; 3 – 1; 4 – 0; 5 – 0

Images: Kathryn Rossiter

Kathryn Rossiter

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    1. It’s soooo good! Would also make an excellent movie I think! Can’t wait to see the TV series of Big Little Lies. Trailer looks gripping!!

  1. Such a timely post for me, thanks ?
    Stress-related skin break-outs have had me looking for a good spot cream.
    And I really do need to buy a pretty swimsuit cover-up.

    But mostly because I’ve been devouring Liane MorIarty books – What Alice Forgot is another great one. Truly Madly Guilty was great too – but a mid-book revelation (and big spoiler so can’t really say more ?) had my heart racing to such an extent I took more than an hour longer to calm down enough to sleep.
    And can’t wait for the HBO series!

    1. Ah yay Nikki. We’re obviously in a similar state of mind at the moment! Thanks for the feedback. So glad to hear I’m speaking to my readers!!

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