My 5 Favourite Finds – September 2017

I had every good intention to get this out at the end of the relevant month… and then my content calendar filled up with all manner of other posts and this one kept getting bumped.

But when I realised that this series is your most loved (thanks to my NEW Becoming you Reader Survey <– have you taken it yet?? Please do! You could WIN a R1 500 gift voucher from Yuppiechef!) I knew I had to take it more seriously!!

So today’s post features My 5 Favourite Finds for September (October will follow next week!)



1.Super soft grey cashmere jersey from Poetry

I’ve been living in my new gorgeous grey cashmere jersey from Poetry over the past few weeks – it’s lovely and light, but seriously cosy too!

I found the Poetry Adelia Cashmere Shrug on their sale recently so got it for quite a bit less than normal (and it’s still on sale on their website) Somehow sales purchases often become my faves, must be the added benefit of knowing I got a good deal!

This 100% cashmere top boasts a soft, luxe hand feel. It features an open front, long sleeves and lightly ribbed cuffs providing a comfortable fit. This cashmere piece provides amazing warmth without the weight.

Unfortunately because I’ve been wearing it so much I’ve noticed a tiny hole in it already which actually ruined my whole day… but I will continue to still wear this for years to come… I’m convinced it will be a firm favourite 10 years from now! R799 on sale (although I paid R999 on the first markdown!)


2. Elgydium Whitening Toothpaste

My quest for the best toothpaste continues… and this one from Elgydium is one that I’ve repurchased recently, not once, but monthly for the past 3 months!

I hate toothpaste that burns and stings my mouth and fortunately this one does nothing of the sort.

I’m also quite keen to find one that has whitening properties and this one, with it’s micro-pulverised sodium bicarbonate, does just that by reducing superficial stains such as those caused by food or drink or just simply due to aging! (Yes, another thing to look forward to!!)

I can’t say that this toothpaste is 100% natural as it does contain ingredients that aren’t natural (even the dreaded SLS), but what I can say is that for now I’m enjoying using this and will continue to do so. R59.95 for 75ml at Clicks, Dis-chem & various pharmacies.


3.  INOAR Absolut Day Moist

Another hunt I find myself permanently on is for a shampoo that is kind to me and to the environment. My scalp is super sensitive and I find it flares if I use the wrong shampoo and conditioner – leaving me itchy and scratchy – not a good vibe!! In fact it’s enough to put me in a bad mood for the entire day if I use a shampoo that I react to!

Fortunately for the past month I’ve been using one that not only doesn’t flare my scalp but also leaves my hair looking super hydrated and feeling amazing! Even my hairdresser commented on my highlighted hairs’ super shine so you know it must be doing something great!

My new fave? INOAR Absolut DayMoist shampoo and conditioner!

INOAR claims that these products will restore damaged hair, protect your hair from heat styling and increases elasticity. I loved the ultra moisturising formula that left my hair soft and very manageable. The extra good news is that the brand is also really kind to animals as it does no animal testing! R245 ea


4. Sisley Instant Eclat – Instant Glow Primer

I might have just fallen in love with this new-to-me brand since I started using it a few weeks ago. A French skincare brand founded in 1976 by Hubert d’Ornano, the Sisley brand is not only known for its skin care range, but for its comprehensive make-up and fine fragrance line all developed with natural plant extracts and botanical aromatic essential oils ingredients! Love love love!

I’ve been using the amazing Sisley Instant Eclat instant glower primer almost daily since it landed in my hands and I’m totally smitten! It’s a gorgeous radiance boosting product that instantly revives tired complexions. Plus it adds moisture and other skin care benefits too!

Thanks to a complex of active skin care ingredients (Kiwi extract, Butcher’s Broom extract and Padina pavonica extract), it acts on 4 key factors that influence the complexion’s radiance day after day: it moisturizes, energizes, tones, and gives a plumped up aspect to the skin. Its fresh, evanescent texture is applied like a second skin without adding layers to the skin.

It can be used as a primer underneath makeup to even out the complexion prior to applying foundation and it helps to improve the hold and radiance of foundation. Another option is to use it over makeup as a highlighter. It can also be used on it’s own to create incredibly radiant bare skin which is the main way I’ve been using the product…. and I’ve received so many compliments on how “glowing” my skin is (Shhh don’t tell them my secret!!)

Non-oily, non-comedogenic (pore-clogging) and long-lasting – this is a radiant addition to my makeup drawer and one I’ll be turning to all summer long! (and I just can’t wait to try more of this brand’s beautiful products!) R1025 at selected Edgars & Red Square stores.


5. Eucerin Sun Gel Creme Oil Control Dry Touch SPF50+

Summer’s almost here so I’m trying to get into a better habit of applying a sunscreen daily… but it isn’t always easy when the sunscreens on the shelves are all super greasy and feel really sticky and caked on…. especially when you want to apply makeup over it and just can’t bear the thought of ANOTHER layer on your face!

Enter this new fave find of mine: Eucerin Sun Gel Creme Oil Control with SPF 50+

Created for oily, blemish prone skin, this sunscreen has become a firm favourite of mine (even though I don’t have oily skin) because I love it’s quick drying, matte finish. It’s not sticky at all! It leaves a long-lasting dry matte finish on my face that I can leave as is or apply foundation over almost immediately.

Yes, I know certain moisturisers and foundations have SPF in them these days but they certainly don’t have SPF50+ which is pretty important for our South African sun-exposed skin! If you’re looking for a quick-dry, non-sticky, ultra-matte sunscreen (esp if you struggle with spots) then try this one!! R214.99 for 50ml.



There you have it! My 5 Favourite Finds for September. What do you think? See anything here you’d like to try out for yourself??


What was your most favourite find recently? Let me know in the comments below!



Images: Kathryn Rossiter & Supplied


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  1. Love that cardigan 🙂
    I need to check that sunscreen out. Now summer is almost here, could you do a Battle of the Sunscreens? I hate sunscreens that make me feel greasy and looking like a ghost.

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