5 Fashion Classics every Woman should own

As it’s Cape Town Fashion Week this week I have been focussing more than usual on fashion posts and in keeping with the fashion theme of the week I have a guest post today which lists 5 Fashion Classics every Woman should own as a base for a versatile wardrobe.

Trying to dress on a strict budget is often difficult especially if you want to look chic and keep up with the trends. However, if you own these five fashion classics it makes putting together an ensemble each day less stressful. These versatile classics enable you to put together many different outfits with a few key wardrobe pieces. Visually stretching your wardrobe and resulting in you looking attractive and fashionable no matter what the occasion.

Quality Black Pumps

Black pumps are a fashion necessity that work well with skirts, dresses and pants. Buy the highest quality you can afford to ensure comfort and long wear. Search for pumps that have a heel height of 5 – 8 cms. This ensures your comfort at a cocktail party where you have to mingle for hours, while standing in line at stores or when presenting a speech to colleagues. Closed toed pumps look fashionable year round but open toe pumps are another option unless it’s very cold in winter. There is nothing less fashionable than stockings or pantyhose peeping through a peep toe shoe!

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A Blazer or Cardigan in a Neutral Colour

Shop for a blazer that is well made and flattering for your figure type. Choose one in a neutral colour that coordinates well with several pieces in your wardrobe. For instance, if you wear solid black slacks, skirts, or dresses with black in the fabric often, choose a black blazer. If your skin tone looks best with warm colours, opt for a taupe, off-white or brown blazer. A high quality cardigan is another wise fashion classic that can substitute for a blazer. These pieces are perfect to throw over a dressy or sexy top if you don’t have time to change from your work clothes before going out on the town in the evening. A flattering blazer or cardigan is also handy to add warmth when the air conditioning in your office or a restaurant is too chilly.

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Classic Slacks

Purchase a pair of well-fitting slacks for occasions when you don’t want to wear a dress or skirt but need to appear business-like or polished. Choose a neutral color that complements many other tops and sweaters in your wardrobe. Black, tan, navy, brown, or off-white colors are wise choices. A pair of classic pants is appropriate almost anywhere these days including church functions, casual weddings, business dinners and other dressy occasions.

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White Shirt

A classic white blouse is one of the most versatile fashion pieces you can buy. It looks appropriate paired with jeans, a dressy skirt or classic slacks. It also works well to add layers to your wardrobe. You can wear a vest on top of it or leave the white shirt open with a colorful shell or camisole underneath it. The colour looks fresh, clean and pure. It helps brighten the look of darker separates in your wardrobe. Many styles of white shirts are available in cotton, silk and other fabrics. Shop for a white shirt that fits your personality and lifestyle. This enables you to get the most use out of this fashion classic. A classic button-down style is most versatile but if you enjoy details choose a shirt that has these feminine feature: pearl buttons, touches of white embroidery, ruffles or other embellishments. Add jewellery, scarves or other accessories to enhance the shirt.

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Pea Coat

A pea coat is appropriate to wear to a football game or fall picnic, a church function or many dressier occasions. This type of outerwear comes in several styles and fabrics. The boxy look of a pea coat is flattering on almost everyone, although fitted ones are available for those with slimmer figures. The styles of pea coats change throughout the years but it is always a versatile fashion classic during the winter month

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So which of these do you have and which do you still need to invest in? I am quite keen to add a few of these to my wardrobe soon esp the black high heel pumps – I had spotted a pair of Nine West patent black ones recently at Stuttafords but the price scared me off for a while. When payday arrived and I went back they were no where to be seen so I guess I will have to continue my hunt…

What is the state of your wardrobe? Need some more basics like these ones? Would love to hear your thoughts…

About the Author: Michelle writes on behalf of Adventures in the Stiletto Jungle shopping blog, which has been delivering daily fashion and beauty online shopping tips since 2006.

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