The 4 Essential Makeup Brushes you need

This awesome guest post is written by one of my amazing Beauty Babes. Thanks Roxy!


As a makeup artist I can admit that I am nothing without my tools. Having a good set of makeup brushes can make a big difference to your makeup routine. Just like an artist, brushes are your tools and, just like an artist, your tools can make or break your craft. These beauty wands can be the difference between an ok makeup and an OK, now that’s AMAZING makeup.

A great set of brushes can create anything from a perfect pout to a smouldering smoky eye, not to mention a fabulous flawless skin.

Yes, these magic workers can do wonders but with millions of brushes to choose from, including different shapes and sizes, it can be very difficult to narrow it down. No fear, I’ve got you guys covered!


Here are the 4 essential makeup brushes you need for your face, tried and tested by yours truly…


The Foundation brush

Why it’s great: Soft but firm, this brush applies foundation evenly and is super comfortable to use. The firmness of the hairs allow a seamless finish and can achieve a medium to full cover without a “cake-y” or heavy look. Another great feature is that the hairs are synthetic, this will allow no waste of your product as synthetic hair does not absorb. I really enjoyed this brush and it has become a go to in my brush belt.
foundation brush
Top Tip: Use the firmness of this brush to pat on your translucent powder, it will set your foundation beautifully.


The Blush Brush

Why it’s great: Airy, round and just the right size. I must admit I love blush, there is something so elegant and fresh about a face with a flush of colour. For me it brings the skin to life. Naturally I was drawn to this brush and it was the first one I tried. It worked like a charm. With soft but slightly firm hairs, this brush allows you to build colour and not spend ages blending, because of this you will achieve a more natural flush of colour to the cheek. This brush is a must have for me.

blusher brush

Top tip: Tap your brush after picking up product, this will get rid of any excess. The best way to apply is from apple to temple, it lifts your face this way.


The Powder Brush

Why it’s great: Soft, soft, soft. This brush is luxurious to the touch and like silk on your face. My only complaint would be the hairs themselves are a bit flimsy and don’t pick up enough product, so it takes a little longer for the desired effect BUT a huge plus is that there is very little to no shedding. YES!!!

powder brush

Top tip: Use this brush with your bronzing powder to give an all over healthy glow to the face. Under the eyes and on the edges of the face are best.


The Kabuki Brush

Why it’s great: This brush is a great all-rounder. With short, fluffy hairs this brush can be used for liquid and powder. It picks up a lot of product so I do suggest using the tapping tip I gave earlier when using powder, but it blends beautifully and can double up as a blush, powder and bronzer brush.

kabuki brush

Top tip: Use this brush to blend a cream or liquid foundation, the effect is flawless!



  •  Gently wipe brushes on a towel or face bloth between uses to remove surface oils and pigments
  • Wash brushes 1 – 2 times per month with warm water and a non-detergent soap
  • Point the brush head down and thouroughly rinse off soap
  • Gently squeese in a towel or paper towel to remove excess water and reshape
  • Lay flat over the edge of a counter to allow for air circulation to dry the bristles


Which is your must-have makeup brush? Tell me in the comments below…


The 4 essential makeup brushes featured here are from GOSH. This new line of makeup brushes have long handles made of birchwood and bristles make of 100% synthetic hair. The fibres are super soft and exquisitely soft. Synthetic bristles are better for a few reasons: Kinder to animals, more sanitary and more precise application of product with less streaking thus providing a more consistent finish compared to natural hair brushes.

The GOSH range of brushes range is available from Edgars stores: Kabuki = R240; Blusher: R170; Powder = R240; Foundation = R240


Images: Roxanne Sayers

Roxanne Sayers

Rox is a professional makeup artist and loves beauty mostly because of how it makes a person feel – confident and empowered response from my clients.Her favourite beauty quote is: “Makeup is art, beauty is spirit”

    1. The right tools are a must and can make all the difference. I hope this post helped you choose or use the correct ones <3

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