15 ways to boost your confidence (in under 15 mins)

A few months ago I mentioned a family wedding that I was preparing for. For a few weeks prior to the wedding I spent some time prepping and preening as only us girls know how! And it was such a revelation! Us moms don’t get a huge amount of time to put ourselves first (read: none), so I embraced this wedding as an opportunity to treat myself to a few spoils!

After each treat I was amazed at how much more confident I felt in my body – small, seemingly insignificant things made such a difference to my self esteem and I was thrilled. As was my husband!

I thought I would share a few of these quick tips to boost your confidence especially as it’s the start of a new year!! A few of them are beauty treatments, some are food or fashion related and some are purely random. All take less than 15 mins to achieve but the results will last far longer. And if you regularly remind yourself that “You are worth it” and make a plan to put yourself first for a few minutes every so often you’ll be sure to grow in confidence. I’m making it a priority to continue with as many of these as is possible and think it would make a great New Year’s resolution if you haven’t already made one!


15 ways to boost your confidence in under 15 mins

1. Have your eyebrows shaped and tinted
One of the quickest ways to look younger is to shape your eyebrows – if done the right way they can bring a whole new look to your face. Even better, get them tinted and see the transformation! Such a small thing but you will be amazed at the difference!

2. Treat yourself to a fake tan
I have tried the odd self-tan but always been a bit fearful of turning out a weird shade of orange. As this wedding was a few weeks into Spring and I had not time to tan I booked myself in for a spray tan – my first ever. I was a bit nervous as to what to expect of the process and results but I was so pleased I did it. I didn’t want the tan to look too obvious so it wasn’t apparent to anyone else really but that was fine with me – it just took the edge off my bare white legs and the little bit of extra colour definitely made me feel good about myself!

3. Defuzz
I was introduced to laser hair removal a few months ago and I can honestly say this has made a huge impact on my confidence. I have now done my upper lip, underarms and bikini and am feeling much more confident about hitting the beach this summer! I have been fortunate to have the type of hair that responds well to laser – dark, thick with pale skin – lucky me!! So after each session of 10 mins I have noticed a change and now almost half way the difference is significant. Over 8 sessions the hair is removed for good and you can confidently face the world fuzz free. Unfortunately laser is quite expensive but you can get a good deal on Groupon or the like as I did, so keep your eyes open. Alternatively go for one of the good old fashion hair removal options especially for legs – shave, depilate or wax your unwanted hair away. Don’t get lazy like I am prone to be. I know for a fact that I feel better about myself if I have freshly shaven legs and I bet you do too!!

4. Paint your nails a bright colour
I love looking down at my nails and seeing a pop of bright colour. Having a mani or pedi is a great pick me up but if you can’t afford one take some time this weekend to paint you own nails or get a friend to help you if you always make a mess like me! Colour is well documented as a way of lifting someone’s mood so be sure to pick a fun, bright one.

5. Buy yourself some flowers
Fresh flowers in my home always makes me smile. When I do have some I always wonder why I don’t have them more often… Buy some, they’ll make you happy!

6. Have salad for lunch
Easier said than done when you’re in a rush heading out the door to work and haven’t got time to make something healthy but your body will feel better if you choose the healthier option and what could be healthier than salad. When your body feels healthy then your confidence will be boosted too. Win, win!

7. Snack on nuts
Nothing makes you feel rubbish about yourself quite like snacking on something really bad for you – with no nutritional benefits but plenty of calories! The benefit of snacking on nuts is that they are so healthy for you and they taste really great too! The benefits to your body are numerous but include healthier hair, skin and nails! Keep a packet on hand at work for when those afternoon hunger pangs hit. You’ll feel very virtuous popping a handful of almonds into your mouth rather than a handful of crisps! And the byproduct of that is you feel better about yourself, which boosts your confidence!

8. Go for a professional blowdry
For the vast majority of women their hair is something that determines their confidence on any given day – think “good hair day”. So it makes total sense that if you’re really needing a boost in that department you would go to the professionals and get them to sort it out. Now it’s not necessary to always go for the whole hog of highlights, styling and treatments – you can also just book in for a wash and blowdry to make sure you’re feeling your absolute best, after all, you are “worth it”!

9. Wear your sexy underwear
And this applies even if only you are the only person going to be seeing it! Who doesn’t feel better about themselves when they’re wearing their good underwear as opposed to the mismatched, stretched-out, grey granny panties?? You know I’m right!

10. Cut out bread and sugar
I tried this for the 2 weeks leading up to the wedding and definitely felt better about myself – I’m not sure if it affected my weight at all but I did notice a difference in my energy levels, my skin tone and my waist line. Definitely worth a shot esp if you have an event coming up and you want to look and feel at your best.

11. Pop on a pair of high heels
Now I’m a recent high heel convert after reading so many woman talking about how high heels make them feel confident and sexy and I’m now one of them… Find a pair that fit well, not too high to start mind you! Add in some “party feet” inner soles if you’re going to be dancing or standing for a while – or just try them out on short outings like to a dinner party where the most walking you’ll be doing is from the car to the table and back! Wearing them now I can say that I feel quite good about myself – but maybe that’s just because I haven’t get fallen in them, I might change my tune then 😉

12. Buy some BB cream
This new wonder product is designed to be worn everyday and it’s the best thing for a busy mom’s non-existent beauty routine! Similar to foundation but far easier and faster to apply! The all-in-one cream combines a moisturiser, foundation and SPF into one product and some even have extras such as anti-ageing properties too. They are designed to blend amazingly to your correct skin tone after application and within 5 minutes you have natural looking, blemish-free skin and are ready to put your best face forward!

13. Smell amazing
Find a signature scent that lifts your mood everytime you wear it. Maybe one that reminds you of a special person or place. My favourite scent reminds me of both as I bought it in duty free on the way to my honeymoon in Mauritius. That being said another great way to boost your confidence is to get rid of any scents or perfumes that have negative connotations in your mind. Smell is the only sense that links directly into the emotional center of our brains so is very powerful in connecting us emotionally to someone or something – if you’d rather not remember that because of what it does to your self esteem then get rid of it!!

14. Phone a friend
Build into friendships that make you happy. Phone a friend once a day and spend 15 mins enjoying some female company. Often friends fall to the bottom of the priority list after kids, work, husband, sleep etc. Catch up with your bestie, nothing makes you feel more loved and accepted than being with someone who “gets” you and accepts you as you are. If you have a bit more time meet for coffee once a week or head off to a girlie movie together. Spending time with my girl friends always lifts my mood. What’s not to like about free therapy that includes a glass of wine and a good laugh! But be sure to spend time with people who only make you feel good about yourself. Avoid those that are negative, derogatory or put you down to make themselves look better. You can do better. You deserve a great friend not a fake friend! Rather spend the evening at home alone than with someone who makes you feel worse about yourself.

15. Eat that chocolate and enjoy it!
There is almost nothing that makes me happier than good quality chocolate. And happiness is a great confidence booster right?? We are girls, we need chocolate. Don’t beat yourself up about craving your cocoa fix. Eat it and be done. Enjoy it while you can, limit yourself to 2 blocks of dark if you must, but don’t punish your self esteem with negativity afterwards! Once a week allow yourself a treat day when you can eat the treats but say nothing negative about your will power or your body for that matter! Remember every time you berate yourself for eating that chocolate bar somewhere in the world a cocoa bean dies!



There you have it – my 15 tips for boosting your self-confidence in under 15 minutes! I hope you found them helpful. Let me know if you have any to add to this list by leaving a comment below…



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    1. Tracy – try Eyebrow Candy for eyebrow threading at Woolies in Cavendish Square otherwise most beauticians offer it

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