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This week I’m interviewing Kayli who is part of the team that writes for Food Blog. This started as a food site primarily talking about the food & restaurant industry in Cape Town. They are the twitter handle to follow if you are looking for restaurant specials in CT @FoodBlogCT – and keep a look out for the recently launched Joburg and Durban sites too!

Here Kayli shares more about her life…

What I….


Myself. When you figure yourself out, realize (and accept) your strengths and weaknesses, you can finally be comfortable with who you are.


Bloody Marys. Oysters. Fried chicken. Sushi. Curry. Anything spicy. Mushroom sauce. Pepper sauce. I could go on forever so – I love food. All food. Also my jobs (I am a copywriter and foodblogger), my friends, my family, and my pet rat, Grant.


Cook books. Food mags. Advertising journals. Fiction I can get lost in. Anything but romance’y rubbish.


To win the lotto.


I have an obsession with hats. I love them in every shape and form. Other than that, I don’t really have a single style. I dress for my mood, and my mood varies from business-classy to, and I quote a friend, “a hipster-mess”.


To see more of my family in Durban. To travel. To keep learning.

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