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What I… Cupcake Mummy

By on January 30, 2013 in Interviews, What I … Blogger Interviews 0

Today I am interviewing Cupcake Mummy who blogs about her life as a young, single mom of one and their daily life – including the ups and downs of living with Aspergers – not her son’s but her own! She does a far better job of introducing herself over here. She is a huge fan of the sea especially sailing so is planning a move to Zanzibar shortly – sounds like the stuff of dreams!!

Recently she has introduced a blogging challenge for the month of February with a list of 28 topic suggestions. If you write a blog and are looking for new material it might be a great way to get inspired or if you haven’t yet started your blog, but have been meaning to, maybe this is just the opportunity to get cracking!


What I…

Life is tough, it rarely ever goes according to plan but it’s beautiful. Working for yourself isn’t all rainbows and butterflies but it’s worth the extra time you get to spend with your kid. Bubbles, cupcakes and the beach solve nearly every problem the world can throw your way. And having blue hair is a necessity.

My son and the fact that he loves me unconditionally; baking cupcakes and giving them out to random people, sailing and the freedom and awe that comes with being at the mercy of the ocean and mother nature. Tattoos. Dancing in the rain and jumping in puddles…

Between April 2012 and now I have read 70 books. All different genres and authors. What I read is a lot.

To be be happy with what I have.
To wear a bikini and feel confident about it.
To have hair down to my butt again.
Someone yummy to crawl up to, preferably a tall/dark hair/blue eyed/tattooed/excellent in bed someone with a personality that can put up with my crap.
To be able to eat anything I want and not put on weight.

Tights and hoodies. And occasionally a pair of ridiculously high heels. (Though my wardrobe will most likely be taking a drastic change soon as we move to Zanzibar)

To learn to let go.
More tattoos.
The move to Zanzibar to happen really soon.

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