Weekend Wanderings – Dusk in the City

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Spending time with girlfriends is often something that falls to the bottom of our priority lists once we leave varsity, start a new, demanding job or have kids. Not that we want it to be that way but inevitibly there are some many other pulls on our time that it does!

Seeing friends every day is now no longer a possibility. I’m lucky if it happens once a month. But when it does I leave feeling like a new person. Refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the week!

Last week I managed to get away a bit earlier than my usual dash out the door at 7:30 (after supper, bath, bed etc etc) I popped along to visit a friend who lives in the same city but a part that feels like a different country – The City Bowl!!

This lovely friend lives in the least child-friendly place I know – a block of flats 6 storeys high – which means she has the most awe-inspiring view! Dusk has always been my favourite time of the day and as the sun was setting we enjoyed a very civilized glass of wine and catch up chat on her balcony overlooking the city. Their was not a breathe of wind and the evening was amazingly breathtaking. The changing colours of the sky, pigeons swooping around in a “murmuration”, sun peaking through the clouds casting rays of light onto the city were all magical.

I happened to have my camera and was able to take a few pics which I thought I’d share with you here….

2012-11-08 19.12.04

2012-11-08 19.11.28

2012-11-08 19.11.07

2012-11-08 19.15.14

2012-11-08 19.15.06

What is your favourite time of the day? I must admit to really missing the opportunities to watch the sunset – this is usually “suicide hour” for parents! I’m hoping to make plans this summer to find ways of enjoying this special time of the day a bit more often!!

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