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As Parents we all want to be the best parents for our kids we can possibly be – I don’t know many who actively decide to be terrible at parenting (mostly this occurs due to circumstances beyond their control such as addictions…) Anyway here are some great, insightful and helpful reads to guide you along your parenting path…


“What I wish parents knew” Doctors, teachers, therapists weigh in @ Real Simple Magazine

Your kids are less creative than you were as a child @ Mommyish

Why our parents put us to shame @Blogher

Family happiness and the overbooked child @NYTimes

Boosting kids confidence @ Babble

Special parenting: lessons on perfection
@ Simple Kids

Regaining Childhood: Parenting in a “too fast too soon” generation @ Michele Borba

Little Girls gone Wild @ Redbook

Raising Optimistic Children @ Stress Free Kids

No Bad Kids: Toddler Discipline without shame @ Janet Lansbury

Parenting styles: Reactive or Proactive @ Childhood 101

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