Making chips at home with Mastrad

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Looking to get you kids to eat more veggies? I have found a fantastic solution one which will trick your kids into thinking that you’re spoiling them!!

I recently got to try the Mastrad Top Chips maker from entrepo and have been super impressed at how quick and easy it is to make healthy chips (crisps) for my kids to snack on! The Top Chips maker comes with a mandolin slicer that prepares any hard vegetables into very thin slices suitable to transform into the healthiest, tastiest chips you have tasted – no added oil or salt!

Once sliced you pop them onto the specially designed silicon tray and pop them in the microwave for 3 – 4 minutes…. and then you can season according to taste with a variety of herbs and spices and eat them!! So far I have made chips from baby potatoes, sweet potatoes and carrots – all seriously yum! (Just a heads up from the manufacturers to avoid making chips from beetroot due to the fact that in raw beetroot there is a tiny amount of ethanol which means there is a small chance that the beetroot chips will fire up and the flames will damage the silicone. Yowzers!)

Find out more about the Top Chips crisp maker or buy one for your family on the entrepo website.

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Images: Kathryn Rossiter

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