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The Benefits of… Play (plus WIN with Fisher Price!)

When you think of your childhood, what do you remember most? For me it’s the times I spent making houses with my siblings in the garden, riding bikes to my neighbours, pretending to be teachers with my best friend, playing boardgames with my dad, building sandcastles on the beach…. Childhood was always about having the most amount of fun and that […]

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The Benefits of… Probiotics

This time of the year is notorious for poor health… and once one member of the family comes home with a cold, flu or stomach bug… the rest fall like flies! This year I’m doing something different in an attempt to keep us all as healthy as possible… (Is there anything more stressful than a […]

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The Benefits of Fish Oils… and a chance to WIN with EyeQ

One of the things I really don’t eat enough of is fish. The reasons for this are numerous – I don’t trust the supermarket fish, I’ve heard too many horror stories about mercury levels and over-fishing, I’m not too confident on how to cook it without poisoning myself and I hate stinking out the whole […]

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The Benefits of… Hand Washing

Recently I’ve been on a bit of a drive to ensure that my kids are more health conscience. Something which I’ve noticed is lacking a bit in their daily lives is hand-washing… often they will sit down to eat supper straight from the garden or sports field with the most filthy looking fingers!! Don’t get […]

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The Benefits of… Massage PLUS a review of Camelot Spa at The Table Bay Hotel

I’ve long been a fan of massage… zoning out for a sleepy hour of indulgence while my aches and pains are sorted out is one of my favourite ways to relax and I try to make it a regular occurrence – at least once every 3 months, but would be quite happy to up that […]

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The Benefits of Touch…. for Babies & Children

As adults touch is so important to our health and well-being. When we feel sad or alone, a hug from a friend or loved one can make you feel instantly better. These same emotional benefits are especially relevant for babies and young children. Your baby feels better when held and comforted by your loving touch! […]

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The Benefits of… Debt

A few weeks back I shared some of the financial mistakes I made in my twenties in a bid to help those of you still there to learn from me. The post was really well received so I thought I’d follow up with another post about finances… well, with a difference! The last finance post […]

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The Benefits of… Juicing – My 3 day juice cleanse PLUS win!

A few weeks back my husband started juicing again. I had decided at the beginning of May to kickstart a healthier lifestyle… and hopefully loose those last 5kgs that have been hanging around for oh, 9 years or so! And after a week of avoiding sugar, alcohol & carbs on my own without any spousal […]

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The Benefits of…. Hair Oils

Hair oils are really having a moment in the hair world – they are really the most amazing product to have arrived on our beauty radar in recent years when it comes to hair care. But hair oils are far from new – in fact they have been a beauty staple for women in the […]

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The Benefits of… Coconut

If you know anything about the Banting Diet, as recommended in The Food Revolution by Dr Tim Noakes and Sally-Ann Creed (and currently followed by everyone you know) you will know about The Benefits of Coconut… but, just in case you haven’t yet heard about this power food I thought I would give you a bit […]

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The Benefits of… Drinking Filtered Water

Lately I have been discovering a bit more about the benefits of various foods and sharing those with you through a series called “The Benefits of…” Today I will be sharing some of my findings when researching the benefits of drinking filtered water as opposed to tap water. Now I realize that in South Africa […]

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The Beauty Benefits of… Almonds

It is clear that almonds are truly nature’s beauty secret. Whether you apply it to your skin or have a handful daily, they are essential for a healthy skin. They are also packed with natural energy and nutrients needed to sustain you throughout the day and it has been suggested that a handful of almonds […]

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The Benefits of… Essential Oils

Essential oils have become one of my most favourite things in the past few months. They are most commonly used in Aromatherapy and Perfumery but these natural botanicals, when used with proper guidance, are nature’s little “miracles” in a bottle. I have so been enjoying learning more about them and experimenting with different combinations in […]

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The benefits of… Beeswax Candles

Towards the end of last year I read this article online that started me on a journey – a hunt for beeswax candles. Since September I have popped into each and every gift shop I pass enquiring whether they stock them – all around Cape Town and even along the Garden Route while on holiday […]

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