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Beauty Buzz – NEW in March 2017

This Beauty Buzz series is supposed to be a monthly post featuring the most recent and up-to-date beauty news you can use… unfortunately I somehow skipped Dec, Jan & Feb! Oops! Anyway, I’m back… and the Beauty Buzz series is back too! Hopefully I’ll keep on track to publish it once a month… 😉   Here are the […]

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Beauty Buzz – NEW in November 2016

A few weeks back I started getting more serious about this series and so today I’m getting my act together and publishing my Beauty Buzz for November IN November. What a novel idea!! Anyway without much further ado here is the beauty news I think you can use for the month… There are so many […]

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Beauty Buzz – NEW in October 2016

I’ve been writing a Beauty Buzz series for a while now but it hasn’t had my direction… it was a mix ‘n match assortment of beauty related posts and very intermittent at that. Well, I’m aiming to get more on my A-game when it comes to this blog and one of the revamps is my […]

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becoming you video

1 Minute Makeup for Moms {video}

Who has the time? Seriously, it’s the most scarce commodity of our age… And, well, as busy moms, the last thing on our list each morning is to leave the house with makeup on, we’ll be lucky if we’ve got a brush near our teeth and hair! But I’m here to tell you today that […]

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becoming you video

How to Choose and Wear Perfume {video}

Ok so I have a confession to make…. I’m a little bit addicted to perfume. OK a lot. My dressing table is full to brimming with bottles and I can’t bear to part with any of them! It’s a problem. I loooove a good scent and can’t resist trying new ones, and sticking to old […]

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becoming you video

How to Apply Self Tan {video}

Many months ago I was involved in helping to produce a series of video’s for the Mumspiration YouTube channel. At the time I shared them on my Becoming you YouTube channel, but they never really found there way here to my blog. I recently realised that I should probably share them with you in this […]

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green cross winter boots

My Favourite Finds for May 2016

As a blogger I’m truly amazed at the wonderful products and sheer number of items that find their way onto my desk. I never started this blog with any intention for it to become what it has and the fact that people and brands trust me to share their stories and review their products really […]

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Battle of the… Body Oils

As winter slowly creeps it’s way into our lives it’s time to shift our focus from summer skin to winter skin… and with winter comes one common skin complaint: Dry Skin! Many of us morph into reptile versions of ourselves in the drier winter months which is where Body Oils come into their own! While […]

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Spa Review: An at-home massage with Recharge Body

Since last year I’ve been struggling with a sore back… it’s definitely got better than when I first threw it out, but it’s still niggling, tight and aches fairly often. I’ve started running too (don’t fall over) which means that I’ve got a few extra stiff muscles to contend with which were never a problem […]

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fire and ice

My 5 Favourite Finds for November 2015

Oh goodness I’ve fallen WAAAAAY behind on this series. Huge apologies. Life got in the way.   Anyway I’ll try my best to catch up this month with Dec & Jan too…. so just excuse the barage of “My Favourite Finds” posts over the next few weeks if you will!   Right let’s get on […]

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panasonic epilator

Behind the Scenes Beauty: Hair removal with an Epilator

A few weeks back I started a series called Behind the Scenes Beauty where I share some insights into what goes on behind-the-scenes with certain beauty treatments and experiences… Today I’m sharing more about my first time using an epilator for hair removal! I was invited to review the Panasonic ES-EU10 Epilator by Beauty Bulletin. This is […]

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File234 (1024x683)

Behind the Scenes Beauty: Enhancing my eyes with Eyelash Extensions

Over the past year or so I’ve seem more and more people opting to have eyelash extensions done and I’ve become more and more intrigued, so about a month ago I decided to take the plunge and give them a bash myself. But first a bit more about Eyelash Extensions… Eyelash Extensions are individual synthetic eyelashes […]

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229 (1024x683)

Beauty Buzz: Spring Fling by GOSH

Spring is here and with it comes all the pretty pinks and purples of new makeup ranges! Hooray! I love pretty makeup and the new Spring Fling range from GOSH is just that… think lots of beautiful shimmers, satins and shades. Some of my favourite items from their new range include…. Primer + – The […]

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Elizabeth Arden Untold Eau Fraiche

Beauty Buzz: 5 Fabulous Fragrances for Summer from Elizabeth Arden plus WIN

The scents of summer are in the air… beautiful blooms, sea spray, suntan lotion and, of course, a selection of fabulous new fragrances hitting the beauty shelves! I have recently been treated to an array of happiness in the form of 5 new bottles of perfume by Elizabeth Arden. From light and fresh to seductive […]

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