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African Adventures: The Secrets of Portuguese Island

On our second morning onboard the MSC Sinfonia, we headed back to Portuguese Island as early as possible. No point sleeping in when paradise awaits, right? Once again the skies were rather gloomy but this didn’t deter us from our plans… Our initial plan had been to head across to the neighbouring Inhaca island to do […]

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African Adventures: Portuguese Island, Mozambique

After boarding the MSC Sinfonia and setting sail on the Monday afternoon, we cruised up the coast of southern Africa overnight and awoke at anchor in Maputo Bay, Mozambique. Stepping out onto our private balcony we breathed in the warm sea air and scanned the horizon for a glimpse of land – Portuguese Island! This […]

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All Aboard: My first cruise onboard the MSC Sinfonia

I can’t say that going on a cruise was ever on my Bucket List. It somehow didn’t seem to feature, probably a combination of the fact that my husband isn’t a big fan of the sea and I was of the generation who watched Leo sink to the bottom of the ocean when Kate definitely could […]

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African Adventures: A flight over the Victoria Falls

Our last morning in Victoria Falls broke… and we were up with the sun again. From our balcony we watched it rise over the Zambezi River, and two countries (although from above you can’t tell where the borders are!) We relished every moment. As the light changed and the sky brightened and the morning greeted us, Africa […]

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African Adventures: A safari in Chobe National Park, Botswana

After our amazing morning cruising the Chobe River we headed under the shade of the boma to enjoy a delicious buffet lunch with our very international fellow travellers (Latvia, Hungary, Israel, Zambia, Canada, Ireland, Italy et al) Just after 2pm we headed off on our 4 x 4 vehicle to explore more of the Chobe National […]

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African Adventures: A River Safari on Botswana’s Chobe River

When we started planning our visit to Victoria Falls with fastjet, I soon realised that Vic Falls, Zimbabwe is actually only an hour away from Chobe, Botswana – one of the best places in the world for safari’s. And I’m a sucker for a good safari! So plans were set in place to spend the […]

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African Adventures: A sunset cruise on the Zambezi

After a full day of exploring Victoria Falls it was time to tick another experience off my Bucket List…. (I say “my” because a conversation I had with my husband during this particular outing made me realise that not everyone has a Bucket List! Weirdo!) Anyway, THIS was on my list forever… A Sunset Cruise on […]

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African Adventures: Our weekend at Victoria Falls

Have you got a Travel Bucket List? I have! The only thing standing in my way to ticking off ALL the places on my list is the fact that I have 2 kids, school fees, a house renovation, a limited bank account and limited school holidays in which to travel… Oh dear! So you can […]

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spice tour zanzibar

African Adventures: A Spice Tour on the “Spice” Island, Zanzibar

On our very last morning in Zanzibar we woke up to tropical rain, which means large droplets and puddles pooling all over the resort. We walked to breakfast huddled under an umbrella but that did little stop us getting soaked! At some points along the path our ankles were covered in water… thank goodness for […]

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African Adventures: Our Second Honeymoon at Melia Zanzibar

If you’ve been following along in my African Adventures: Zanzibar series then today’s post marks my last day spent at Melia Hotel… After a few days of exploring and adventuring, we chose to spend our last day relaxing. Hopping between lazing by the pool, reading our books in the shade of a tropical tree on […]

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African Adventures: Scuba Diving in Zanzibar

In this next post of our African Adventures in Zanzibar, I’m sharing the story of my very first scuba-diving experience…. It’s a story I’ve shared a few times with my friends as it was probably the most memorable experience of our trip to Zanzibar – due to the extreme emotions experienced! After spending a day […]

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African Adventures: Zanzibar Beach Bliss

My Zanzibar diary continues today with our first full day spent on the island… After a crazy busy day exploring Stone Town and arriving at Melia the previous day, we woke up from a wonderful, deep sleep a little bit later than normal, but also not too late as we didn’t want to miss out […]

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African Adventures: Our stay at Melia Hotel Zanzibar

After a very adventurous morning spent exploring Stone Town, it was finally time to catch our transfer to our hotel on the east coast of Zanzibar. And the opportunity to sit down and rest our legs for the drive was most welcomed!! I couldn’t wait to discover more of the island and the 1 hour […]

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African Adventures: Secret Stone Town

After visiting the markets of Stone Town we continued on our walking tour of this fascinating town… there was still so much to explore and so many secrets to discover! We had really only scratched the surface, but our feet were failing us after a couple of hours so we made it out mission to […]

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