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Age Appropriate Chores for Children {video}

I hope you’re enjoying my video series? Well, it’s not really a series, just a whole variety of video’s across various topics that I share each Friday! Much of the content in these videos has never been shared on my blog platform…. Todays’ video is aimed at parents trying to get their kids to help […]

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Life Lately – July 2016

Today is my birthday! So, I figured it was a good a time as any to get a bit more personal around these parts… Here is my life lately update for July! Firstly – how are you? I hope you all survived the school holidays, and then the first week back which always seems a […]

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LR Slava Snowshow - Pushing Ball big HR (V.Vial)

WIN 2 tickets to Slava’s Snowshow in CT & Joburg

Worldwide sensation, Slava’s Snowshow storms into South Africa in August and audiences will shortly be able to experience a magical world of dreams and imagination, interactively reviving childhood memories ankle-deep in snow! The gradual transformation of the spectator during the show is one of the greatest feats of Slava’s Snowshow. Get catapulted back to your childhood as Slava’s […]

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Theatre Review: I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change!

On Friday night Brad and I went off for a long overdue date night. With school holidays, renovations, work travel commitments, living in a cave… it was most definitely needed!! Our destination was the Theatre on the Bay in Camps Bay – which felt very glamorous and grown up!! We dropped the kids with granny […]

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Reward Charts for Kids {video}

I recently revealed myself to be a closet YouTube creator… well, some of you might have uncovered my video series in the past but I had yet to share it on this platform, because, well, it was me in the videos!!! Awkward! (Clearly I’m not a natural YouTube fame seeker – nothing worse than seeing […]

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Interview with Gynaecologist, Dr Kendall Brouard

This week I’m interviewing a Gynae as part of my Women at Work series…. Dr Kendall Bouard qualified as a specialist Obstetrician and Gynaecologist 8 years ago and has since developed a keen interest in female pelvic floor disorders. She is currently working with a dynamic team of colleagues in the Urogynaecology and Pelvic Floor Reconstruction […]

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Jonelle and Oden

What I… Jonelle from Tyranny of Pink

Today’s blogger, Jonelle, is one tough cookie…. although from appearances you wouldn’t know all she has had to deal with, dive deeper into her blog and you’ll find out. After our brief meeting at a blogger event recently I started to follow her online and discovered more about her… Read on to find out more about […]

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My 5 Favourite Finds – June 2016

I’m not terribly consistent with these posts am I? The idea is that they are published on the last day of the month but I never get it quite right. SORRY… at least they do always finally make an appearance, even 3 weeks late!   My 5 Favourite Finds for June   1. Poo-Pourri 4 […]

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African Adventures: A sunset cruise on the Zambezi

After a full day of exploring Victoria Falls it was time to tick another experience off my Bucket List…. (I say “my” because a conversation I had with my husband during this particular outing made me realise that not everyone has a Bucket List! Weirdo!) Anyway, THIS was on my list forever… A Sunset Cruise on […]

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Lunch Box Ideas! {video}

It’s the start of a new term and so to help you get back in the game after three (or more) weeks of school holidays I thought I’d share two videos I made a few months back featuring a few ideas of what to pack in your kids (or your own) lunch box! Lunch Box […]

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What I… Missy from Miss Melissa Writes

Missy Volker lives in Cape Town where she is mom to two girls, wife to an ageing surfer and slave to an elderly cat (and a new kitten). Born and bred in the Eastern Cape, this beauty therapist is passionate about writing – hence the blog, Miss Melissa Writes. Find out more about her below…   What I… Know […]

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African Adventures: Our weekend at Victoria Falls

Have you got a Travel Bucket List? I have! The only thing standing in my way to ticking off ALL the places on my list is the fact that I have 2 kids, school fees, a house renovation, a limited bank account and limited school holidays in which to travel… Oh dear! So you can […]

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My Favourite Apps for Moms and Kids {video}

I’m coming out the closet as a YouTube video creator previously a little bit embarrassed at sharing video’s of myself…. For over a year almost 20 videos of me have been sitting on YouTube with very little promotion on my part!! They were created by myself as a series of video’s and tutorials for another […]

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My Winter Wardrobe finds… from Truworths

In recent years I’ve discovered that I love fashion… No, not high end couture (although that is pretty!), rather, I refer to putting together everyday outfits that work for me… a mom on the run… the school run, the 5km run, the event run, the extra-mural run, the work-for-yourself run and the constantly on-the-run run! […]

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What I… Ruth from Rozziki

This week I am featuring a Durban based blogger/// Ruth from Rozziki. Based in the coastal town of Umhlanga her site features food and fashion, trends, tips and travel. A mum of two and an avid dancer, her blog started out as purely fashion focussed but has since evolved to encompass all aspects of her […]

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