Restaurant Review: Kyoto Garden Sushi

The name Kyoto Garden Sushi has been on the back burner of my brain for quite some time. It was first brought to my attention by a fellow bloggers recommendation that this was THE place to find the best sushi in Cape Town, but, as we are parents with limited time for the delights of dining out, I had […]

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How to… Get a Peaceful Night’s Sleep

What does it take to get a night of peaceful sleep around here??? If it’s not the kids waking up due to nightmares or full bladders, it’s the neighbour’s dogs!. And if it’s not the dogs then it’s the local motor biker who loves to zoom around the streets in the wee hours! And if it’s […]

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Beauty Buzz – NEW in March 2017

This Beauty Buzz series is supposed to be a monthly post featuring the most recent and up-to-date beauty news you can use… unfortunately I somehow skipped Dec, Jan & Feb! Oops! Anyway, I’m back… and the Beauty Buzz series is back too! Hopefully I’ll keep on track to publish it once a month… 😉   Here are the […]

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Renovation Diary: The beauty of a Bespoke Bathroom

Our renovation project of 2016 was just about turning our ordinary suburban home into the one of our dreams. It was no Architect-designed masterpiece of a mansion, just an upgrade to our current home of 15 years. Plus a few extra elements to hopefully make our space work for our family for at least another […]

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What I… Luisa from BeautySavy

This morning I’m sharing my space with Luisa Malan, a beauty blogger and mom of 2. Over the past 11 years Luisa has enjoyed a successful career for many years as the Marketing Manager for many prestigious International Beauty Brands and this role has grown her appreciation for finely crafted fragrances, beautiful skincare and luxurious make-up! Her days are spent running after her […]

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Win a R50 000 holiday of a lifetime with Travelstart!

Today I have a very exciting announcement… It’s one you DON”T want to miss. Next week Monday 27 March I will be going LIVE with Travelstart on their Facebook page to plan my dream holiday with YOUR help! The bonus is that it’s YOU who stand the chance of winning an epic holiday for two valued at […]

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Family Holidays: A Taste of the Transkei & Wild Coast

As someone who loves travel, the thrill of visiting somewhere new never gets old. Couple that with the anticipation of fulfilling a lifelong travel dream and the excitement knows no bounds! As a child I spent 4 years living in East London so there was something comfortingly familiar about driving through my old neighbourhood and down […]

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Renovation Diary: Month 4

Last week I shared with you the final month of our Renovation Diary, but today’s post is actually the last post in the series…. As with most renovations ours went a bit over the schedule. But not by much. Only a week which I think is REALLY good going when friends of ours went over […]

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The Ethics of Animal Encounters

As a family travel blogger I’ve been invited to enjoy quite a few unique experiences through my blog over the past few years. Initially I have gone along to enjoy whatever is on offer, always excited to embrace the new opportunities that have come my way, but also happy to be able to educate my kids […]

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WIN: A perfume worth R1000 from My Perfume Shop

A spritz of perfume is the last thing I do every morning, just before I step out the front door… I love selecting the scent that speaks to me the most each day, the one that matches my mood, the one that will follow me through the day reminding me of all things lovely and […]

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Family Holidays: The Wonderful Wild Coast

A visit to the Wild Coast of South Africa has been a dream of mine for years. Ever since I lived in East London as a kid I’d been hearing about it – Chintsa, Morgan’s Bay, Kei Mouth, Coffee Bay, Hole in the Wall, Port St Johns, Umngazi. The names sounded exciting and very adventurous. […]

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Beauty Review: The glory of Urban Decay

A new Beauty Review thanks to Beauty Babe, Kirsten Murphy Rossiter… Up until now, I must have been the only Professional makeup artist in the world who had never tried Urban Decay anything! There has been so much rage about Urban Decay for a while now and so many great comments about the products, namely […]

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Renovation Diary: Month 3

When I first embarked on my home renovation project I had every intention of sharing the process on a weekly basis in a Renovation Diary series. I realised pretty quickly that was going to be impossible! Then I aimed to do a summary of the progress every month and I did quite well for the first […]

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