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How to take slips from plants {video}

September = Spring. In my life that always signals a step back into the garden. After our recent renovations our garden is in dire need of some TLC, but without much of a budget for revamping I’m going to have to resort to one of my favourite ways to propogate plants… taking slips! Learning how […]

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Wonderful Indonesia: The incredible islands of Wakatobi

In most of our minds, paradise is a pristine white sand beach and an endless blue horizon of warm, clear water. Throw in a couple of palm trees, fresh fruit, tropical fish and plenty of sunshine and you have the makings of heaven on earth, right? The next stop on my itinerary of Indonesia was this exact paradise! […]

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What I… Taryn from Keeping your Sanity

I recently discovered a beautiful new blog dedicated to moms called Keeping your Sanity… rather opt really!! The author is Taryn who lives in Cape Town with her two crazy boys, a dog, a cat and a husband of 12 years! She blames her wanderlust on her parents who literally wrote a book about their extensive travels through South […]

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Blogs Bloggers Read: Anna-Belle from She Said

Today I continue my Blogs Bloggers Read series… and I hope you’re finding it as inspirational and insightful as I am! This week I’ve asked Anna-Belle from She Said for the blogs she reads on the regular and these are her picks….     Tails of a Mermaid I love Natalie as a person […]

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Weekend Wanderings: High Tea at La Residence

Recently I was invited to experience the wintery weather delights of the Franschhoek valley and we spent a day wandering from fireplace to fireplace enjoying amazing food, wine and views but none of the destinations we visited could top La Residence for sheer opulence! This is a beautiful boutique hotel situated in a private setting […]

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How to use Essential Oils {video}

One of my favourite things to use in my home are essential oils. I’ve written a bit about The Benefits of Essential Oils before but today I’m sharing a video on how to use essential oils and a few ways in which I use them around our house. The latest video in my series… How […]

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What I… Natalija from Frugal in SA

When I came across today’s feature blog recently I was thrilled… you see this particular niche of blogs has hardly been touched in SA. They are massive in America, but I’ve yet to discover a South African based blog focused on frugal living. (Blog tip: If you want to make it big in SA’s blogging […]

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Restaurant Review: Haute Cabriere Cellar Restaurant

For some, winter = hibernation. Duvet days, Netflix, heaters, blankets and never leaving the house, but, although there is nothing wrong with those kinds of days, the risk is that you’d be missing out on so much if you never went out on cold, wet days! Winter in the Western Cape is amazing. The weather […]

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How to Accessorise with Earrings {video}

Over the past few months I’ve been sharing a video tutorial each Friday, all created a while back but not shared in this space. Today I’m sharing another video in my series – this one has a slant towards fashion as I share some tips on which earrings every girl needs in her jewellery box! […]

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What I… Jax from The Jax Blog

Jax describes herself as a thirty-something year old Tripadvisor junkie/ Global gypsy/cupcakerer/ chocoholic/ pinup girl/ drama queen / and all round pleasure purveyor. Born and bred in Cape Town with 15 years of Local and International experience in the Hospitality Industry she now spends her days as a Twitvangelist/ Social Media Addict & iPhonographer in the making. […]

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Blogs Bloggers Read… Natalie from Tails of a Mermaid

I’m continuing one of my favourite series today. Blog Bloggers Read is where I find out what blogs inspire my favourite bloggers… which ones they return to read again and again and why! Read on below to discover which 3 blogs Natalie from Tails of a Mermaid names as her best… She Said Anna-Belle is […]

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Weekend Wanderings: Noble Hill Wine Estate

On a recent visit to my favourite valley, Franschhoek, I discovered a new-to-me hidden gem… the wine estate of Noble Hill! Tucked away down a driveway lined with autumnal colours, this boutique winery was a beautiful find… Our visit started with a greeting from Franschhoek’s official “Winey Dog of the Year” and then it was time to sample it’s many […]

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How to Choose and Wear Perfume {video}

Ok so I have a confession to make…. I’m a little bit addicted to perfume. OK a lot. My dressing table is full to brimming with bottles and I can’t bear to part with any of them! It’s a problem. I loooove a good scent and can’t resist trying new ones, and sticking to old […]

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Wonderful Indonesia: Exploring Jakarta

After travelling for 18 hours the last thing most people feel like doing is hitting the streets of a large, crazy city filled with smog, traffic, pollution and millions of people. However, when I’ve been travelling so far, for so long, that is the first thing I want to do! I want to see the […]

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What I… Jacqui from One Messy Mama

This week we meet One Messy Mama… aka Jacqui. She is a mom to 4 kids aged 5, 4, 3 and 1!!! And a few months ago their family emigrated from South Africa to the USA.   Read on to find out more about her and her journey… What I… Know I know that I […]

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WIN: A trip for 2 to Indonesia!

I’ve just got back from the most incredible Trip of Wonders in Indonesia. It was full of adventure and fun, and I loved every experience so much! During the trip I shared some of my moments on my social media pages and mentioned a few times that there is an awesome opportunity to WIN a trip to […]

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Quick Makeup Tips for Busy Moms {video}

OK so I’m not a makeup artist or even a trained beautician… once upon a time I thought it might be something I could do for a career and spent a few days “job shadowing” at a Beauty Academy but things never went much further than that… What I am tho, is a beauty fan! […]

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Life Lately – August

Helloooo everyone reading this (thank you by the way!) How are you? It feels like ages since I’ve said hello in person and had a little chat, so today is the day for my latest Life Lately post! So, what have I been up to lately? If you follow me on Instagram (you do don’t […]

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What I… Caley Rosenberg from Ellie Love

After two fellow bloggers recently mentioned Ellie Love as one of their favourite blog reads I knew I had to find out more… so I tracked down the blog and immediately loved it myself. Written by Durban girl, Caley Rosenberg, this is a sweet online space peppered with stories of her life and loves – Lord Jesus, her husband and […]

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